7 AM Enfant 212 Evolution Giveaway!

To all my Glammy Mommies!

Winter is hands down my favorite time of year!  And not only because my Edward Cullen skin gets to take a rest from the relentless UV rays, but also because it’s down time for makeup artists.  Its the time of year when business tends to slow down and as a glorious result I get to spend time doing the things I wish I had more time for during the rest of the year.

When I think of happiness I think of Winter.  For me it all of these wonderful small moments that I crave in the summer months.  It means making chilli for my husband and watching him splurge with a refill or two.  It means sitting on the couch with a cozy fleece blanket while McKayla plays with all of her Christmas goodies and Mommy and Daddy do a Netflix marathon of “that show” you never had time to watch.  It means indulging the DIY side of myself and saying “Yes I can use the George Forman Grille to make some grill lines in this construction paper for my handmade flower.”  It means that I get to indulge and enjoy the things that seem few and far between when things get busier.

Last winter Danny (“DH” to all you cornballs out there) and I went to Woodbury Commons for a day trip.  It was blistering cold and with a new baby most might think such a venture would be for the criminally insane.  But not us– because we had the “Le Sac Igloo” from 7am Enfant to keep our little Mikki beyond warm and cozy.  For us– going from store to store in 4 mile landscape of outdoor outlet shopping was a bit of a freezing venture.  But McKayla’s facial expressions leant the impression that she was in an entirely different climate.  And for parents– that is nothing short of an incredible testament to the product itself and the way it can change what you can and can not do.  Basically– if a product has the ability to transform your schedule, then in essence, it can change your life!

So as the months turned into a year and now McKayla is over 14 months old and double in length I couldn’t let one of our family adventures be without the absolute insulating warmth of a 7am product.  And this year its the 212 evolution.  This product is hands down the most versatile, warm, bunting solution for your little one.  And the fact that its extendable makes this little cocoon of fleece and micro down a product that is both relevant and usable for years to come– which is quite frankly a breath of fresh air in a world of baby trinkets that have a shelf life shorter than a loaf of bread.

So down to the nitty gritty.

Here is how the Giveaway works!  Can you just go to 7amenfant.com and 2nd day this bad boy because you simply cannot go another day seen in public with 7 blankets, 5 hats, a snow suit, and three mittens on your baby?  Absolutely.  But you can also let the rest of us get a little chuckle with a picture of your DIY baby bunting solution!  If your picture rises above the rest– you can win not only 212evolution bunting bag in the color and size of your choice, but matching Warm-Muffs!  Warm-muffs are basically these incredibly warm glove/ arm warming solution that attach to the stroller!

So this is precisely what you need to do:

1. Like the 7am Enfant Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/7AMENFANT

2. Like My Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/officialglamfairy

3. Share the word of #7amenfant with your friends and family!

4. Follow on Instagram @7amenfant @alexaprisco

In all of the above please share a picture of precisely why you need this incredible product– by showing us a picture of how YOU keep your baby warm in the winter.  

Make sure to hashtag #SOSmybabyneeds7amenfant!

Stay fabulous all my Glammy Mommies!

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