A great emails from a client that will probably answer alot of similar email’s I have recieved!

Aspiring Makeup Artist…needs help!
Amber to APrisco
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Hi my names Amber and i saw you on jerseylicious im an Aspiring Makeup Artist who needs help! I have about 6 months left of cosmetology school left and all i want to do is make up. Im 19 years old and know thats what i want to do for my career. But i really dont have any experience besides doing my own make up and my sisters and friends. This is what i want to do i want to be in the city working on everyone im a hungry tiger and know what i want but need some help along the way…if you could anwser tmy questions that would be great! i love you on tv and the way everyones makeup turns out looks great…you and olivia make a great team…love you both(:

1. I dont have a makeup kit…i need to get started on one any suggestions on what i should get and where is a good place to go.

2. do you know of any make up classes by the jersey shore? i need to get comfortable with makeup and learn all i can to make people look fabulous.

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Alexa Prisco to Amber
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Hi there!

I appreciate you coming to me for advice! When I was starting out I was about your age and I had NO advice so basically learning my business became a huge math equation… I had to arrive at the perfect formula– eliminating things that didn’t work to gain business and really developing and branching out those avenue’s that did. Long story short I can tell you this. Cosmetology school does nada when it comes to learning the trade of makeup artistry. Unlike hair cutting– makeup artistry is something that is highly specific and in a way is developed through your own discovery of what products allow you to achieve your perfect look. So similar to a painter– you need to find the paints that work best for you. For me its MAC. I use mainly mac and mac pro cosmetics. I also use smashbox, laura gellar, urban decay, stilla, basically all the top lines but I alway find myself going to back to mac. ALL of these lines have what are called a “pro discount” so when you are developing your kit these makeup lines make it alot easier by giving you a discount. To get this discount all you need is a tear sheet and a business card… if you don’t have a tear sheet you can just use a couple pictures of your work. But I would not recommend working with one line exclusively– its all about picking and choosing what you think works perfect for you . As far as a case I use the Mac Pro Zuca– Its a big chunk of change but when i travel across the country it keeps my makeup safe and sound.

I don’t know of any classes down the shore… I would highly recommend doing an all day class in the city or you can take one of my glaminar’s. Mac Pro in the city offers some amazing classes. One of my very good friends Joey Camasta runs the courses and if there is any class you want to take I would recommend taking one with Joey, Bradford, or Bianca Alexander. If you want to learn how to be the best go to the best.. so yes its a hike but you can make a day of it. I would say go to Mac Pro for a class and then maybe do a private with me but even just one course will give you enough ammo to practice for at least three weeks with all the techniques you will have learned and also make sure to take pictures so you can see how you are progressing as an artist.

Becoming a successful makeup artist is difficult. What makes us different from other artist is that our canvas’s talk back to us– and if we piss them off enough they can right us a bad review online that can really be detrimental to our career. That being said– If you feel in your heart that when you do makeup you forget what time it is– meaning you just are so in love with makeup artistry that you need to make it your career that I saw 110% follow up because the money will follow very shortly after.

When I started this business I was eating ramen noodles in an empty apartment sending out post cards praying that people would contact me and now I have endless wonderful opportunities and its all because I believed in MYSELF. I assure you following a career as a makeup artist is not something that all of your friends and family will support– because most people don’t know the reality that celebrity makeup artist is one of the most unknown career’s in terms of financial success.

That being said– go build your kit, take some classes at MAC Pro and most of all PRACTICE. Every single day– on your friends, on your family– anyone with a clean face and a half hour is a chance for you to express yourself so keep trying and you will really surprise yourself. Also create a profile on model mayhem and share your work with fellow MUA’S (makeup artist’s) so that you can find opportunities for your to do some trade for print and build your portfolio– that is when you give your time and do makeup for free at a photo shoot and get the prints in return for your portfolio.

Any questions shoot them my way but I hope this helps.

Good luck!

My best wishes

Alexa Prisco
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Alexa Prisco
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2 thoughts on “A great emails from a client that will probably answer alot of similar email’s I have recieved!

  1. Hey Alexa! I’m an aspiring makeup artist myself. But it’s really hard to do that when i live in a town with only like 9,000 people and the closest school for even an aesthetics is 45 minutes away. I really wanna do this.. and i don’t have a big bank account.. and have to use makeup that’s from wal-mart right now.. is that so terrible? I would really just like some advice from you an amazing makeup artist. Thanks Alexa!


  2. Hi Alexa. I am a student, from Africa.I watch your TV show daily, on style. You are my role model.I want to become a makeup artist like you are.please could you have a makeup class for six months online for free?

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