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heyy dOllies,

    i have been brainstorming
about this particular entry for a few days now &+ i
am so excited to share/summarize my first 3
incrediable days that i spent at The Glam Factory. As
you all know if you read Chapter 1 is that i
am on my way to #gettingmywings and becoming a
certified Glam Fairy. Alexa Prisco has been
kind and generous enough to open the doors of the
factory to inspiring makeup artists (like myself an my 7
other fabulous fairys in training). This has
basically given us the chance to make our once
far fetched dreams become a reality.
i have been personally wanting to start my career in makeup
artistry for a while but just didnt not know where to start.
i was considering comsotology school but knowing that you pay
close to 15,000 dollars and you learn about 8-20 hours worth
of makeup skills i choose to keep my options open. (do you
blame me?) anyways, so i was researching classes and schools
and what have you and eventually i pretty much gave up and
decided to apply at Sephora (i didnt get the job). Shortly
after, i saw ( i think on twitter) that Alexa was going to be
running a “Glam Academy”, i quickly logged onto her site and
read all the information about the academy and i was so
hooked on making it happen. Alexa answered all of my emails
quickly and personally and she made me feel confident, at
ease and super excited to be enrolled.
it was somewhat surreal to actually talking to Alexa herself
through emails for weeks before class but even more friggen
insane when i was crusing up the parkway (average speed of
80-110) knowing that in less then an hour i was going to meet
her, i was more excited then a 6 year old spoiled Italian
girl on christmas eve. getting to the factory was no problem
to me because i am familar with the Hoboken area and i love
it there so i always go drive around or eat or whatever. but
arriving in the parkinglot of the factory was so crazy !!! i
was so nervous. finding the elevator and the floor and
everything wasnt that difficult but it felt like i was gunna
get lost no matter what … eventually i found it and there it
was those grey doors with the hot pink sencil … ” THE GLAM
DAY 1 : waiting outside there were at least 4-5 of my class
mates all in the hallway with pink bags, leopard totes, zebra
purses, MAC train cases (omg it was like i just met 6 clones
of myself) Alexa was inside preparing our surprize while we
anixiously awaited to get in and get started. then this
tiiiiiiiny little lady opened the door and there was Alexa
welcoming us in with a great positive energy. we each choose
a seat at the silver aluminum tables. we all received amazing
aray of Obbsessive Complusive Cosmectics our own airbrush
machines !!!!! AHHHH OMG dont even get me started i was legit
almost ready to cry … anyways as the day went on we got to
know each other, expressed our passion in the business, went
out for an amazing lunch at my very favorite place (Panera)
and got into some “Glamology”. AMAZING FIRST DAY !!!
DAY 2: a week later i arrived back at the factory ready to
work and get my hands dirty with some makeup. we announced
our business names and then Alexa set us up with our own
models and we excuted a “glam bridal look”. my model was such
a friggen sweetheart and she was soo beautiful, we also got
some amazinnnnnnnnnng shots for our porfolios (shot by ALEXA)
i went home sooooo proud of my work, i suprized myself on how
good i did !
DAY 3: the most difficult but the most amazing day yet, we
once again had models come in so that we could work with
differnt faces … we created a “natural pin-up bride” and a
“natural look with our own signature style” clearly once
again i had some amazing models and we got some great shots

well i cannot wait to receive my email with my images and i
cannot wait to get back to class on saturday, i am so excited
and this is litterally all i think about allll day everyday,
i bring my glam bible to work with me everyday i bring it in
the bathroom … i just want to absorb as much information as i
can so that i can maybe one day be as successful as Alexa. I
cannot tell you guys how incredible this experience is for me
… you have no idea … i am so thankful and so blessed to be
able to say that i learned from the best. Alexa is seriously
who i look up to. she is so down to earth and so giving and i
cant wait to show you guys everything i have learned …. i
will blog about each day that i spend in Hoboken so look for
more chapters soon title=”:)”>:)

Peace Love &+ Lipstick,
Kate Marie Sorenson
Owner/Creator “The Jersey Doll House”

Hello Dolls “:)”>:)

Well as you can tell by the title, this is the start to MY
empire. I want to extend my mind and my talent to all of
A tiny background/autobiography of my self as of today : 2O
years young. born and raised Jersey Doll. I am pink, glittery
and determined. (full life story/biography is soon to come
<3) The most important thing in my life right now is the fact that I am currently in training and working towards getting my wings to become a glam fairy … makeup is my passion and I have recently had an extra glammy head start thanks to my instructor/fairy god mother Alexa Prisco (yes, the star of “The Glam Fairy” and “Jerseylicious”, she is my teacher <3) I want to become a very well known and respected makeup artist (like Alexa) and I wish to someday create my own cosmetics line. I consider myself a gyspy or a creator of anything imagined. Although makeup is my main focus, I take an interest in fashion design, painting, fur boot making, acrylic nails and much more. I pretty much customize everything I own to make it a litle bit more “kate marieish”. This is just a start but I will make sure to fill you guys in on important things, thoughts, experiences or random events that occur in this crazy state of mine "wp-smiley emoji emoji-smile" title=":)">:) I am
pretty much going to make this my little on going novel of my
life, and I hope that sharing all this with you guys will put
my name out there so I can achieve my dreams.

Kate Marie Sorenson
Owner/Creator of “The Jersey Doll House”

alexa prisco | the jersey doll house.

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