Women bled themselves in the 1400’s for a "paler" look?

Yes, I’ts true!  And the reason you see so many different colors is because they are simply adjusting the percentage of Red, Yellow, and Blue and adding white or black to create various tints and shades?

Its true!  All makeup is not made the same.  You can have three matte eyeshadows in the same color and one thing that determines the potency of that color is the PSI (particle per square inch).  The PSI is determined by how long it’s kept in the mill (the coffee grinder thing).  What even cooler is that MAC pioneered the Jet Mill (super fast grinder) that gets the particles as small as possible.  They launched it as “Veluxe” which was originally only available in Matte finish, however they very quickly realized the full potential of the machine and now put every finish imaginable in the Jet Mill. 

Yes!  It’s called the “set” time.  That creamy glide on texture doesn’t last for long, so smoke it out while you can!  Liners can lock in anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  Typically anything that is advertised as “long wearing” or “budge proof” means that bad boy is shutting down shop and quick!

Yeparu!  It’s called a “Pressure Clamp.”  Better brushes will typically have very deep indents where the metal part (the clamp) meets the stick part (the stem) and where the metal part (the clamp) meets the bristols.  Of course they use a little glue but if the dent is deep enough, be rest assured those precious bristols are being held in tact with pressure!  So banging them against your dresser to flick off excess powder distorts the pressure in the clamp and loosens the bristols!  I always say, “hold the brush like its an infection, between your thumb and pointer and flick against your ring finger!

There is no legal definition of Cruelty Free.  So many companies live in the grey area.  As an animal lover hearing words like “finished product” and “cruelty free” make me cringe.  “Finished Product” means that the company selling it didn’t directly hurt any animals in their own assembly of the product, however it does NOT mean that the ingredients used to create that product were “cruelty free”.  Many makeup companies have parts of their products created in Britain where animal rights laws have less “rights” to the animals, allowing them to make that ingredient in a way that would be considered illegal here in the states.  So what they are doing there must be horrible since here its perfectly legal and common (in makeup testing) to force feed a rat pure makeup for two months and then slaughter it.  Or shave a bunny, and rub endless cosmetics into its freshly shaved skin to test allergic followed by killing both the animal and any babies its carrying to see the effects the endless torture had on internal organs.  All in the name of beauty right?  If this is hard to read imagine living it.

Its very difficult to find a product line completely dedicated to the welfare of animals.  So do your research.  And make sure your long lashes don’t require mascara being rubbed across a rabbits eyeball, or even worse, the entire rabbit.

The one company that I have not gone a day without using is OCC Cosmetics.  They are entirely vegan and have nothing to do with animals.  Their products put you in the control seat of your art, giving you access to pure color, pigment, and mixing medium, which allows you to be your own GLAMOLOGIST! (3765)

Latest Glam Academy Lab!

Tom Ford Beauty Campaign (Inspired) Photoshoot

So this week I really wanted to challenge the students.  By day 8 of the program, the students are reaching a phase of the program where they need to truly test their ability to fuse all of their skill sets into one comprehensive look.  Fashion inspires makeup, and if makeup trends change, so too should the looks that I teach these students!  While the structure and placement is something that has nothing to to do with time and trends, our understanding of the color wheel (and for the sake of this look, tertiary colors) can allow the students to meet the criteria of this look in a new, exciting way! So many people confuse “preference” and “technique.”  A well versed artist would never say “oh look at the blending on that?!?!” For the sheer fact that an artists personal preference has very little to do with a “look call”.  And if the artists preference has the ability to infect the vision of someone directing a shoot or campaign, than that artists preference, has in fact, hindered their artistic range (and most likely got them kicked off a set or blacklisted).  You must be able to push past your own cultural definition of beauty, push past “what you think looks good” and simply create art. I knew very well that this look would make everyone uncomfortable.  I knew that I had ingrained in their brains that the MIS-use of frost eyeshadow had the ability to work against lighting.  And because of this fear, I wanted to present them with a look that challenged the placement of products they feared the most, that ascetically violated their own ideas of beauty, and that visually, had to meet extremely specific compositional points. So, with my triad of colors in mind, used by the great minds behind Burberry and Tom Ford Beauty Campaigns, I wanted to see if this group could celebrate the combination of rich reds, plums, and the children of this primary, secondary combo.  I wanted them to recreate a consistent shadow and highlight pattern on every piece of visible skin.  I wanted this look airbrushed and contoured in way that explores the range of shadows that exist in nature.  I wanted them to identify specific elements of the pigment placement on the eye, identify elements that violated their initial perceptions, and just go for it!  The Look; Plum eyelids with a horizontal gradient effect exploring the saturation of the hue, Core shadow of the hollows of the cheek paired with a flash of color, and crimson defined lips amplifying the whites of the eyes and teeth. Just a BIT of a challenge.  But a challenge that was taken on extremely well.


The Makeup Look on the left we used for inspiration


This is the campaign that we used for the overall inspiration in terms of model placement and lighting

Glam Academy Recreation of Tom Ford Beauty Campaign: Makeup by Colleen Webber/ Photography by Alexa Prisco


| My journey into becoming a makeup artist, working with World wide known Alexa Prisco in her Glam academy a little bit of Fashion, Hair and my life!! Working my way to the top!

Time to Catch up!!!



Mar 2013

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So its been a little bit since i have blogged Been super busy finishing up my certification with Alexa Prisco the Glam Fairy!!! Classes are over :( as bitter sweet as it is i know i have learned a lot and i am gonna go so far from this experience and i cant thank Alexa enough! The last few weeks have been incredible just a quick look back i will tell you all about my last weekend with the girls!!! First we did an editorial lab which i think was my favorite lab yet it was so creative and so fun I really enjoyed it and i think i did really well!!! The next day Alexa surprised us with the best day yet!!!! We had a Mercedes Sprinter Limo and sparkling cider and took a trip into the city where we got to go shopping at all the top makeup stores and meet the one and only JOEY at MAC and were lucky enough to see a demo by him! Then we went to the most amazing lunch treated by Alexa seriously she is the sweetest person ever! From there we had the one and only downfall at a store called MAKEUP FOREVER where long story short the made us feel unwanted and we decided to put all our items down rudest customer service i have ever had! Needless to say i dont know if I will be shopping there ever again! but we all left on a high note after a nice trip to Benefit we headed back to Hoboken to get well rested and prepare for our last day of the Glam Academy! Which was the saddest day I became so close with all these amazing women i seriously consider them all like family now! No words can ever describe how great full i am to Alexa Prisco and Brenna Vivian because if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have even had this experience, Our last day we did an amazing pin up photo shoot wich i feel was my best work yet! my model looked AMAZING all our models looked amazing we all grew as people and makeup artists! Alexa brought out a confidence in myself that i never knew i had and I can only hope she knows how great full I am i cant say it enough even though i have said it a million times but I now know i am truly ready to go out into the world and show everyone what i can do!!!!

3 more days!!!



Mar 2013

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3 more days till I go back to the Glam academy!!! yay I  cant wait i am that much closer to being officially certified!!! EEEk! but its a little bittersweet beacause i am also that much closer to it being over and i am gonna miss everyone like crazy it makes me tear up just thinking about it my passion for makeup from when i have started to now has grown sooo much more but not just that i have grown as person so much i feel like i finally know who i am now and exactly where i wanna go in life I am starting to feel like a real adult i actually have a head on my shoulders and honestly don’t think any one can bring me down now I am feeling so accomplished in everything i have been doing and i seriously cant wait to see where my life takes me now!!! haha this blog should have been titled me me me because it sure was a hell of a lot about me lol!!! till next time xoxo




Mar 2013

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Well I just finished my basic course of Alexa Prisco’s Glam academy words cant even express how great full i am to have this opportunity to be working with her In the past 5 classes i have learned and grown so much as an artist. If i have gotten this far i can only imagine where her senior class is going to take me! On to another accomplishment i am now 90% done with my website made all my services and prices and so excited to book my first job!!! I made my first set of business cards and even a Facebook page i am so excited for this next chapter in my life and to see where my career takes me! Its gonna break my heart to have to leave the amazing girls that i have been attending my classes with luckily i have 3 more weekends with them and after that its real life and we are all on our own and its a scary feeling but i feel i am truly ready now to take my life and my skills to the next level and cant wait to see where this ride takes me!!! I’m ready to take over  the make up world and dominate the DC area look out for me!!!

via | My journey into becoming a makeup artist, working with World wide known Alexa Prisco in her Glam academy a little bit of Fashion, Hair and my life!! Working my way to the top!.

Source: | My journey into becoming a makeup artist, working with World wide known Alexa Prisco in her Glam academy a little bit of Fashion, Hair and my life!! Working my way to the top!


alexa prisco | the jersey doll house

heyy dOllies,

    i have been brainstorming
about this particular entry for a few days now &+ i
am so excited to share/summarize my first 3
incrediable days that i spent at The Glam Factory. As
you all know if you read Chapter 1 is that i
am on my way to #gettingmywings and becoming a
certified Glam Fairy. Alexa Prisco has been
kind and generous enough to open the doors of the
factory to inspiring makeup artists (like myself an my 7
other fabulous fairys in training). This has
basically given us the chance to make our once
far fetched dreams become a reality.
i have been personally wanting to start my career in makeup
artistry for a while but just didnt not know where to start.
i was considering comsotology school but knowing that you pay
close to 15,000 dollars and you learn about 8-20 hours worth
of makeup skills i choose to keep my options open. (do you
blame me?) anyways, so i was researching classes and schools
and what have you and eventually i pretty much gave up and
decided to apply at Sephora (i didnt get the job). Shortly
after, i saw ( i think on twitter) that Alexa was going to be
running a “Glam Academy”, i quickly logged onto her site and
read all the information about the academy and i was so
hooked on making it happen. Alexa answered all of my emails
quickly and personally and she made me feel confident, at
ease and super excited to be enrolled.
it was somewhat surreal to actually talking to Alexa herself
through emails for weeks before class but even more friggen
insane when i was crusing up the parkway (average speed of
80-110) knowing that in less then an hour i was going to meet
her, i was more excited then a 6 year old spoiled Italian
girl on christmas eve. getting to the factory was no problem
to me because i am familar with the Hoboken area and i love
it there so i always go drive around or eat or whatever. but
arriving in the parkinglot of the factory was so crazy !!! i
was so nervous. finding the elevator and the floor and
everything wasnt that difficult but it felt like i was gunna
get lost no matter what … eventually i found it and there it
was those grey doors with the hot pink sencil … ” THE GLAM
DAY 1 : waiting outside there were at least 4-5 of my class
mates all in the hallway with pink bags, leopard totes, zebra
purses, MAC train cases (omg it was like i just met 6 clones
of myself) Alexa was inside preparing our surprize while we
anixiously awaited to get in and get started. then this
tiiiiiiiny little lady opened the door and there was Alexa
welcoming us in with a great positive energy. we each choose
a seat at the silver aluminum tables. we all received amazing
aray of Obbsessive Complusive Cosmectics our own airbrush
machines !!!!! AHHHH OMG dont even get me started i was legit
almost ready to cry … anyways as the day went on we got to
know each other, expressed our passion in the business, went
out for an amazing lunch at my very favorite place (Panera)
and got into some “Glamology”. AMAZING FIRST DAY !!!
DAY 2: a week later i arrived back at the factory ready to
work and get my hands dirty with some makeup. we announced
our business names and then Alexa set us up with our own
models and we excuted a “glam bridal look”. my model was such
a friggen sweetheart and she was soo beautiful, we also got
some amazinnnnnnnnnng shots for our porfolios (shot by ALEXA)
i went home sooooo proud of my work, i suprized myself on how
good i did !
DAY 3: the most difficult but the most amazing day yet, we
once again had models come in so that we could work with
differnt faces … we created a “natural pin-up bride” and a
“natural look with our own signature style” clearly once
again i had some amazing models and we got some great shots

well i cannot wait to receive my email with my images and i
cannot wait to get back to class on saturday, i am so excited
and this is litterally all i think about allll day everyday,
i bring my glam bible to work with me everyday i bring it in
the bathroom … i just want to absorb as much information as i
can so that i can maybe one day be as successful as Alexa. I
cannot tell you guys how incredible this experience is for me
… you have no idea … i am so thankful and so blessed to be
able to say that i learned from the best. Alexa is seriously
who i look up to. she is so down to earth and so giving and i
cant wait to show you guys everything i have learned …. i
will blog about each day that i spend in Hoboken so look for
more chapters soon title=”:)”>:)

Peace Love &+ Lipstick,
Kate Marie Sorenson
Owner/Creator “The Jersey Doll House”

Hello Dolls “:)”>:)

Well as you can tell by the title, this is the start to MY
empire. I want to extend my mind and my talent to all of
A tiny background/autobiography of my self as of today : 2O
years young. born and raised Jersey Doll. I am pink, glittery
and determined. (full life story/biography is soon to come
<3) The most important thing in my life right now is the fact that I am currently in training and working towards getting my wings to become a glam fairy … makeup is my passion and I have recently had an extra glammy head start thanks to my instructor/fairy god mother Alexa Prisco (yes, the star of “The Glam Fairy” and “Jerseylicious”, she is my teacher <3) I want to become a very well known and respected makeup artist (like Alexa) and I wish to someday create my own cosmetics line. I consider myself a gyspy or a creator of anything imagined. Although makeup is my main focus, I take an interest in fashion design, painting, fur boot making, acrylic nails and much more. I pretty much customize everything I own to make it a litle bit more “kate marieish”. This is just a start but I will make sure to fill you guys in on important things, thoughts, experiences or random events that occur in this crazy state of mine "wp-smiley emoji emoji-smile" title=":)">:) I am
pretty much going to make this my little on going novel of my
life, and I hope that sharing all this with you guys will put
my name out there so I can achieve my dreams.

Kate Marie Sorenson
Owner/Creator of “The Jersey Doll House”

alexa prisco | the jersey doll house.

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My first three days at the Glam Academy | Lauren Patricia Makeup Artistry

I wanted to spend some time to highlight my experience so far
at the Glam Academy with Alexa Prisco.

Let me first start by saying that Alexa is the type of mentor
any aspiring makeup artist could dream of.  She wants you
to succeed and will do everything in her power to make sure
that happens.  She is blunt and to the point and makes you
work!  She’s not going to sugarcoat anything.  If you
do a classic bridal look on a model that is not up to standards
she will tell you that and then make you fix it.

When I arrived the first morning, all 16 students were asked to
hang out in a separate room from the factory.  While there
we introduced ourselves, talked about our dreams, and everyone
seemed very nice.  One of the things I catch myself doing
as a makeup artist is checking out other people’s makeup.
I can be watching a TV show and realize I have no idea what’s
going on because I was looking at the makeup the characters
were wearing.  So naturally on this first day, I admired
all of the beautiful work everyone had done on their own
faces.  I find myself questioning how did she get her
eyeshadow to fan out like that?  Or I wonder if that
lipstick is MAC or a drugstore doop?

After about a half hour, Alexa finally came in and introduced
herself and had us all come into the factory.  Set up in
front of each chair was a Glam Fairy Bible (chock full of
amazing information) and a small makeup kit courtesy of
NYX.  The first half of the day we spent doing icebreakers
and after lunch we broke into the bible for some much
anticipated glamology.  Glamology is the oral aspect of
the academy where Alexa goes through the bible and explains all
things makeup, technique and business.

The second day was much like the first.  Lots and lots of
glamology.  Not that I mind.  I’m as much interested
in learning about contouring as I am actually contouring
someone’s face.

Day three was where the fun and the stress began!!  Good
stress though not bad if that makes any sense whatsoever.
It was our first lab day.  Alexa did a demo look on her
wonderful assistant Brenna.  The look of the day was
classic bridal makeup.  The demo was so interesting
because it opened my eyes to things I wasn’t doing quite right,
or made me happy that was doing a lot of it right

After the demo we went to go pick out our models.  My
model was a sweetheart of a 16-year old from
Pennsylvania.  Her and her mom drove from the Poconos to
help out!  I explained to her through smiles that the only
person I have ever put makeup on before other than myself is my
mom.  So I got down to work and did my best to re-create
what Alexa had taught us in the demo.  I was one of the
first ones done which made me nervous because automatically I
think I’m doing something wrong.  However, when I handed
my model a mirror her face lit up.  She loved what I had
done.  That gave me such a huge sense of satisfaction.

After some time, I was finally called to go with my model into
the other room where Alexa was doing final checks before the
photoshoot.  Alexa looked at my model and told me she
looked great!  No touch ups, nothing to be fixed, I had
done a good job.  That was when I realized that maybe this
really is my talent.  My model did a great job glamming it
up for the photoshoot.  I’m very excited to get the
pictures so I can share them.

Now onto this upcoming weekend.  Two labs which means two
looks and two photoshoots.  Nerve-wracking yet
exciting.  I just hope I can keep up the good work.

More entries later :)

My first three days at the Glam Academy | Lauren Patricia Makeup Artistry.

Source: My first three days at the Glam Academy | Lauren Patricia Makeup Artistry


The Glam Academy by Alexa Prisco Week 1 | Steele Cosmetics

The Glam Academy

by Alexa Prisco Week 1

To start my journey on developing this new product idea. I
decided to sign up for a makeup course. I have the idea for
makeup storage but I do not know anything about makeup. I
live in New York – so there are many schools to choose from.
I did my research and choose the Glam Academy by Alexa Prisco
in Hoboken New Jersey.  I only really knew of her by
watching Jerseylicious and the the title=”Glam Fairy” href=
target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Glam Fairy reality show
(Yes I admit it I watch reality TV, Housewives are my

I was weary about choosing a school only by great work on a
reality show (that is edited by producers)  but what
really sold me on the school was her u tube video…………….where
she explains how she gets down and dirty with makeup
knowledge, application and business sense. A lot of other
schools waste a lot of time on hair, cleaning habits and
being a model for the other students………… I was looking to get
down and dirty.

Alexa explains the academy

Well I started my first day – After 10 minutes of meeting
Alexa you kinda forget she is a famous reality star. She is
so likable and down to earth. And for those who watched the
earlier episodes of Jerseylicious – She is actually really
nice! . After listening to her for a couple of hours on day
one I knew I choose the right school for me. WOW, that girl
has some knowledge. She is a walking Google, not only on
makeup but just pure facts on any subject. After two days of
the chemistry and basics of makeup design, we get to work on
a live model and produce our first look. I was so nervous, I
have never put makeup on another person besides myself
before. I understood all the techniques intellectually but
physically doing it was a different thing.

The task was Bridal makeup following Alexa’s demo. Here re my
results………..Laura was a beautiful and patient model.


I say not too bad for the first time…………..Can’t wait for next

The Glam Academy by Alexa Prisco Week 1 | Steele Cosmetics.


Source: The Glam Academy by Alexa Prisco Week 1 | Steele Cosmetics


A tiny look into what the Glam Academy is | MakecuppByDestinee’s Blog

Glamology 101


(Both pictures above are from the first day at the Glam

Before I start sharing the pictures of my work from the Glam
Academy, I wanted to give a little explanation of what the Glam
Academy really is and what it entails. The Glam Academy is
taught by one of the most talented makeup artists in the New
Jersey area. She is known all over the world, especially from
style networks Jerseylicious and her very own show The Glam
Fairy. Her name is Alexa Prisco, aka The Glam Fairy. She
personally teaches you in these courses. You get to learn all
of her tips and tricks. She teaches you what mistakes not to
make so you can have an incredible career and business. The
Glam Academy is separated into two levels, Basic and Senior. I
took both because there was just so much you can learn from
each level. The basic level is based more around makeup itself,
the chemical bases, foundation finishes, high points of the
face, where light & shadow naturally hit your face & so
much more ! In the senior, of course we still learn about
makeup & apply it, but we learned more about the business
aspect of being a makeup artist. What social media means for
your business, how to write your own contract, how to make a
service menu & again, so much more! I highly highly HIGHLY
recommend this academy to everyone! It is an experience you
won’t regret! Go to TheGlamFairy.com to learn more!!!!



Source: A tiny look into what the Glam Academy is | MakecuppByDestinee’s Blog


Glitterocity: Glam Academy!

Hello Everyone!On Sunday I went to Hoboken, NJ for my 1st day of the Glam
Academy and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never had
any professional make up training before, so this was an
amazing experience and I left feeling so inspired that I wanted
to come home and put make up on everyone I know. For those of
you who aren’t familiar with the Glam Academy, it is a
certification program taught by Alexa Prisco (The Glam Fairy).
This certification is different from
other training because the students are taught tips
and techniques on how to start their own businesses as well as
valuable information about all types of make up and how to
apply it in the most effective way for the client. I know that
this program is going to be so beneficial for me in starting my
career as a make up artist. I am so happy that I finally
figured out what i’m supposed to do with my life.

I definitely plan on posting pictures as the Academy
progresses! I’m so excited to share this experience with you
guys. If you want to check out Alexa’s website, you can go to

Thanks for reading! I’ll update soon!


Glitterocity: Glam Academy!.

Source: Glitterocity: Glam Academy!