By far my most favorite article yet!  For once I get a break and people can see I drive a car instead of a broom!  If I can change and editor’s opinion from the NY Daily News– well than thats better the the best pair of louboutins for free because for once in this media whirlwind the nation was finally able to see me– for who I really am:)

Click here to check out the article!  Olivia and I were called the modern day Laverne and Shirley!

(2092) – The Glam Fairy’s top five Beauty essentials!

So I had to seriously debate whether or not to share this because the comments underneath are very disgusting– but then the light bulb clicked… who’s picture is up there nice and big? Mine. These people are, what I call, internet TROLLS. They have no life and I am absolutely PROUD to say that I love eating…so to anyone who has a problem with the way I look or run my business… ya see that big hump behind me– well, you can just kiss it!

PS– Internet troll = someone who wastes their entire day lurking on website and writing excessively long paragraphs spewing venom and hatred towards people they don’t know.  Lowest form of human being on earth.  Well for a second I forgot my ex haha.  Enjoy!

Enjoy the article.

Smoochers!  Glammy

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