UFC kickoff event! Olivia and Alexa make a Glammy appearance

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introducing .. glammy stensions!!

Hey all you glitter gals!  Briella here, the official account buyer of the 8th wonder of the world, GLAMMY STENSIONS. You may have tried extensions once or twice, you may have seen someone you know where them , or you may actually have no idea how they work or how to use them. WELL have i got news for you! .. i have found the absolute BEST solution to having thicker longer hair. Now ladies you can trust me on this. why you may ask? because besides being a hair fairy i also have been called numurous times the extension queen! I have tried every extension you can imagine! glue in tracks,tiny keretin bonds(8 hours sitting? not fun), surgical tape in extensions (used by the girls on the hills), corn rolled weaved in hair extensions( man did they itch!). and you know what they all had in common? two annoying and frustrating things. All of those extensions damaged my hair by making tiny peices break off near the root, and the more i washed the extensions the more fried the hair got. I mean, it got the point where i had no idea what to even do with my hair. and i have very light hair, so the bleaching ofcourse wasnt helping at all! ..feeeew – that was me taking a breath! anyway ..so even though glammy stensions are so important to me that they feel like they should be a secret, i feel like sharing my secret with you ;)

glammy stensions- are 100% amazingly silky human hair that can be died, cut, highlighted, curled, crimped, washed and blown out! they have easy to use clips that gently attached on to your hair causing no damage whatsover. AND they have a fabulous reputation being the official extensions of the number one makeup artist in new jersey ( its true! google it!) THE GLAM FAIRY! so all you sexy mamas, dont you think you deserve to have the best hair extensions out there? i think thats a yes! why not get you and your girls together and scedual a day to get your hair matched to the extensions and enjoy some water, tea or wine over looking the hudson river. You will also get a personal instruction presentation on how EXACTLY to attach them on to you hair. COME ON GIRLS dont we all agree that full luxurious long silky hair makes us look and feel beautiful? i know when i wear mine i feel like a total glamazon .. dont you wana be a glamazon?


Jerseylicious Style Network TV show airing March 2010

JERSEYLICIOUS, STYLE NETWORK, TV, SHOW, TRACY, OLIVIA, ALEXA, GIGI, ANTHONY, GAYLE, CHRISTY — See some amazing artists with some big personality, even better talent, and style that makes anyone without a teasing comb feel left out! Come watch! Dont be scared! There is a rumor going around that people from Jersey have these things called hearts– even big ones! So give us a chance and be prepared to laugh and have a great time with some great people!