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Hello all so I was super excited to be a part of the latest issue of Inside New Jersey Magazine. Yours Truly got a FABULOUS full page ad! I was wearing head to toe all See Saw Boutique clothing and Jewlery! For all the details on my wardrobe click on the Jerseylicious section of my website!

They also came to See Saw Boutique and captured me shopping with my girl Gina! Here is the video

Jerseylicious star hits up SeeSaw Fashion Destination for magazine shoot.


Break the Cycle event July 18th!

Hey guys!  I just want to raise a little awareness about an event I am participating in July 18th 2010.  I will copy and paste all the logistics below that the founder Sandra and Jaqueline have put together but before that I can download you with what captivated me about this event.  There are so many women across this country absolutely stuck in households with domestic violence.  Even more so there are children that every day are the victims of terrible aggression and rage and have absolutely no defense against their abuser.  In years before there used to be save havens for these women and children of these terribly abusive homes to flee to.  These are a system of shelters founded by Sandra who runs the program “Break the Cycle.”

Hypothetically speaking you have a woman who is in a horribly abusive relationship who has finally has gained enough courage to flee from her abuser and there is a soft place to fall.  A place to that she can take a “break” physically and metaphorically.  A place that she can develop through analysis with a counselor, a new footing in a world that is very new to her.  Now if you were in this relationship for 20 years (hypothetically) of course it would take more than two months to psychologically be able to provide as a newly single parent and be able to join the workforce all while feeling emotionally capable.  But maybe two months is enough????

When the government cut funding they cut down on many programs and services.  Child protective services– which ultimately cuts the funding for this program.

We now have women who have had enough courage to flee from their abusers and this jackass country expects these women to have the emotional capacity to be out of these shelters within two months?  Apparently.  On top of it when these women cannot find jobs and ultimately provide for their children– child protective services can and will take the children away from perfectly fit mothers who simply needed more time to develop.

This is how it was described when I first talked to Jacquelyn Aluotto in our first amazing conversation.  I was absolutely amazed at Jacquelyn and how much she participates in any way with this organization.  From donating toys, to simply spending time with these wonderful children she is absolutely a remarkable woman.  She explained to me that in order to properly make this program work we need to raise close to half a million dollars and I couldnt believe in the grande scheme of things what a small amount of money it was in order to change SO MANY LIVES!  I told her I would help in any way I can and below is the information about the event that I will be participating in July 18th.

Thank you Sandra, Thank you Jacquelyn, and thank you jacqui and pasquale for all being such amazing people– i truly believe that together we can all make a difference.


Who: Pick It Up! Pictures and Strengthen Our Sisters

What: World Peace Begins At Home

When: Sunday July 18, 2010 1pm – 5:30pm | Press Junket 1pm

Where: Highlands Natural Pool 180 Snake Den Road Ringwood NJ 07456

New Jersey- World Peace Starts at Home is an event that is taking place simultaneously in New Jersey, New York, Detroit, and Texas. Together these events will be a call to action for the people to stand up for what is right and realize that World Peace Starts at Home. In New Jersey the event will be taking place at the fresh water oasis Highlands Natural Pool to raise money for Strengthen Our Sisters women’s shelter and 7 other shelters across the state. The women will receive a celebrity styled make over, then partake in a fashion show. All guests will be able to partake in raffles of some high end Nearly fifty percent of homeless people are women and children fleeing from abuse in America. Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten in America and over 8 women and children are beaten to DEATH everyday in America due to abuse. Pick It Up! Pictures is joining efforts with Strengthen Our Sisters to stop Domestic Violence against innocent children and their mothers. To keep these women and children safe we are raising funds to keep 8 shelters from closing. We will also provide this women with a Joining us in this great effort are, Alexa Prisco, star of the hit show Jerseylicious, Celebrity Fashion Stylist Shine Peru and celebrity makeup artist and star of the show Real Beauty Real Women, Jacqui Phillips who will be donating their time and products to give the battered women living in the shelter a fresh new celebrity makeover. TV & ESPN personality Ashley Ray will be co-hosting this event. These are just a few of the wonderful people that will be putting forward a great effort to help this great cause. When we all join together we can make a greater impact on the world. Let us make that first step. Join us for WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME. RSVP to Ms. Susana Arevalo at by July 9 th . About Pick It Up! Pictures Jacquelyn Aluotto is the mind behind Pick It Up! Pictures. The socially conscious actress then started to realize that she could make a difference in the world through the use of film. With a never say quit attitude and the belief that any individual can help to change the world for the better, the actress decided to become a filmmaker. Pick It Up! Pictures was born with the idea that every single one of us needs to be held accountable when it comes to making the world a better place. About Strengthen Our Sisters Strengthen Our Sisters is a grassroots, community based, nonprofit, 155 bed shelter program serving homeless/battered women and children. The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual For media/press information please contact Sandra at ###


The Pink and Black Tie Gala– American Cancer Society

I recently attended the Pink and Black Tie Gala with my good friend who also performed at the event– Tina Sugandh.  It was simply spectacular!  This is the third cancer awareness event I have participated in this month and its really a double edged sword– there is so much sadness surrounded by what cancer does both physically and to the human psyche– however through all these events I have heard such uplifting and inspiring survival stories!  It literally takes the wind out of you when you hear a young girl with a rare form of cancer that left her with little to no jaw have the courage to stand up in front of nearly 500 people and talk about what the American Cancer Society Camp has does for her spirit.  Putting life into perspective is almost selfish because you can’t help but to just not “feel bad for” but pray with and support these amazing people who have overcome something that can really give you no specific answer.  All we can do is pray and hope that one day it will just go away… go away cancer– like the song Snake Charmer say– Tina dedicated it to her mom who passed from cancer just over a year ago.  I have had cancer in my family, my own personal scares, and having the ability to support these causes in anyway I can means alot to me.

At this lavish event I met so many different people however the person who ran this event also happen to be my idol!  Stacy London!  Here are a few pictures from Stacy and I at the Gala.  This was truly a star studded event– From Alex from the housewives of NY, Carmindy!!!!  MUA for “What not to wear!” and so many other I was in my own little glam heaven.

Also a special thanks to Miche bag! who gave me two fabulous purses!  Here are some pics of this spectacular event!


By far my most favorite article yet!  For once I get a break and people can see I drive a car instead of a broom!  If I can change and editor’s opinion from the NY Daily News– well than thats better the the best pair of louboutins for free because for once in this media whirlwind the nation was finally able to see me– for who I really am:)

Click here to check out the article!  Olivia and I were called the modern day Laverne and Shirley!