Black Friday Glammy Puss Photo Event!!!

Book your glammy puss photoshoot today!!!  The absolutely PERFECT gift for any girl for the holidays!!  Hair, Makeup, Stylizing and Photo’s by The Glam Fairy herself!!  Book the glitter package or higher today and save 10% off of your order!  Remember your website contact form must be filled in today by 10pm and include the PROMO code GLAM-ME.

You cannot book this via phone– only online.  Simply fill out the website contact form and put “GLAM-ME” in  the additional info field.


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Glammy meet and greet this Sunday! Nov. 6th!

Well hello glam fans!  This Sunday at the Monroe Arts Center in hoboken NJ there will be an art tour!  All of the different art studio’s inside the Arts center will be opening up.  Including (drum roll) the doors of the infamous GLAM FACTORY!

I will be there personally!  I will be showing off all my latest Glammy-puss photoshoots in an art display in my factory– I will also be signing autographs!

Also if you book any event, package, or service this Sunday at the Glam Factory you can save 10% off your service!!

Event Details

Monroe Art Center

720 Monroe Street

Hoboken NJ

And my glam factory is Suite E410!  Come check out the Glam Factory this Sunday Nov. 6th! (5075)

Peace, Love, World

If I said that googling myself wasn’t a past time I would be a liar!!  I am almost positive that nearly everyone has found themselves curled in front of the computer at some point in their lives, in oversized sweatpants, a ripped up t shirt, hair in messy oily bun, craming your mouth with some strange combination of chocolate marshmallows and pretzels putting the almighty quotations around your name inside your favorite search engine hoping that someone, somewhere, said your name.

In any event, on one of these signature evenings I found myself engaging in this all too familiar past time and came across a wonderful blog from Peace, Love, World — one of my favorite clothing lines!  They bring oversized fashionable comfort to a new level and of course are a staple in my closet of Glam!  PLW blogged about one of the shirts I wore in a recent Jerseylicious episode!

Well I connected with PLW and got a bunch of fabulous items that I wore for a bunch of recent press events!  Before The Glam Fairy premiere party hosted by Style at the Gansevort– the fairies and I made over some very special guests attending the swara and what is better Glam gear than a PLW sweat shirt!!

The next day before doing a satellite media tour I was literally HEAD TO TOE in PLW… from the fabu sweats that have PEACE down the leg, to the off the shoulder sweatshirt with PEACE across the chest– I literally felt like the one scene in Wayne’s World when Garth was head to toe in PEPSI gear but I couldn’t help myself!!! These are the most comfortable sweats on the planet!!

I found myself in this sweatshirt for a week… I felt like Linus with his blanket.  This is the ULTIMATE in loungewear.  Screw skin tight juicy pants that DONT make you look thin. They make you look chubby and like your on some strange conveyor belt that produces girls from the NE region. (juicy suit, uggs, baseball hat, and a vest over) SO over it.

You must get these comfy clothes IMMEDIATELY!!

#1 they are actually beyond comfy… fleece lined and super cozy.

#2 you don’t feel guilty wearing oversized sweats because they are so freaking cool– so you can go out and have REAL comfy sweats… not go out comfy sweats.  These are the sweats you don’t get out of when you get home and run for your pj pants– these are the sweats that you keep on for a week!

#3 If your over 25 like myself and don’t want JUICY across your ass however want a fashionable LARGER comfier option– then these are the ticket!!

Here are some pics of moi in my PLW gear!!!

Check out to get your own googling sweats now!!  Its the best hibernation gear I have ever come across.  And if the fire alarms go off and you run out of the house– you won’t have to be embarrassed about your sweats!

I love peace love world!!!

Thanks Angie!!


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My Glamtastic Premiere Party

Last Sunday I celebrated the premiere of my brand new tv show on the Style network with friends, family, press, and the amazing vendors that made this party possible!

About a month prior to this party I met my instant soul mate Samantha Goldberg also featured on several Style network show’s such as “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” and has graced the lens of nearly every news channel possible.

After endless conversation she offered to coordinate a premiere party for me and when Samantha throw’s a party– SHE THROW’S A PARTY!

This was the most fabulous event I ever attended!!  Samantha is not only such an amazing person and true friend but my god can this woman literally get into your brain and understand how you would want the party of your dreams to look like!

Floor to ceiling pink drapes uplight with pink light’s controlled by the click of a remote.  Black and pink shag rugs that would put an Austin Power’s party to shame accented incredible boutiquey zebra couches and a matching ENOROMOUS circular ottoman with fluffy pink pillows in the middle!

Lucite tables lit from underneath with a soft pink light were the home to the most fabulous drinks ever!!! the owner of this fabu company came and handed out these amazing drinks to everyone and my allergy to alcohol seemed to slip my mind that night as i couldn’t resist these chocolate champagne glasses topped with a fresh strawberry and filled to the brim with chocolate liquor.

And a glam party would not be a glam party without OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS!! David Klassfield owner of this incredible line of vegan cruelty free makeup had is top artists there adding a smokey eye to all the guests!! And as if that wasn’t enough every guest left with the new fall collection of his incredible line of makeup!!

And what kept the vibe of the party going?? Of course my favorite 80’s tunes– courtesy of Mike Navarez from ANS entertainment!  He also had a fabulous flat screen that allowed all of us to cuddle up on the zebra ottomans and couches courtesy of the fabulous and watch the premiere of the show!

It was such a great time!!!  All the guests got to take super fun photo’s in a classic pink and black photo booth courtesy of Josh Lynn– my very good friend and incredible photographer who also captured all the fun moments of the night!!

Everything was really incredible!!  Samantha had her upcoming BLING BAR with edible 2 & 3 Karat diamonds, rubies and other jewels that were SUCH a hit that they were gobbled up in seconds!!

And of course the liquor was served by a gorgeous model courtesy of Gianonne Liquore They had this incredible signature drink which was a vodka made with the acai berry and the new upcoming hard and healthy liquor.  With a splash of lemonade and cranberry juice everyone was fascinated with this new fabulous drink!!

This party meant so much to me– not because of the show– because it allowed me to remember who the true friends and family I have had all along.  Celebrating this new venture in my life was made possible in the most fabulous glamtastic way by Samantha Goldberg.

Samantha was a person I only had seen on TV and I could only dream what she could do to an event– I never thought that not only would she be such an amazing person a friend– but also create a full blown GLAM LOUNGE out of a big vanilla box in the Monroe Art’s Center– home to The Glam Factory.  She preserved my brand’s integrity, had fabulous gifts for all my guests, had the walls dripping with pink and the room filled with enough glitz and glam that my jaw literally hit the floor.

Sam I cannot thank you enough for being such a great friend and for putting together such an amazing party for me!  Thank you to every vendor that made this possible and to all the truly amazing friends and family I have.

Please visit so you too can have a party as glamalicious as mine!!!


Bar Candy– edible chocolate champagne glasses with chocolate liquor

Photography and Photobooth —



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Love Tonight’s Episode??

If you loved tonights episode and loved Gretchen’s amazing gown please visit They have gorgeous dresses with just ENOUGH sparkle!  Also to create the amazing look I did for Gretchen’s bridal makeup check out amazing vegan makeup that will give you the pigment and sparkle you need to create a bold glam look!

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To check out my latest blog entry of a GF horror story check out the blog under


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Sign out for new date block of Glammy — Alexa’s make up classes!!

Below we have our secure method for securing your seats for upcoming Glammy sessions. Tuesday nights are for that very special Glamazon that wants to learn how to do her own make up. Wednesday nights are for those makeup artists that wants that want to fuse their techniques with Miss Glammy’s explosively creative methods. Both of these classes are completely hands on, and will change the way you see make up, no matter if you are a student or a MUA. Please email me at if you have any questions about booking your seat. Your reciept will reserve your seat at the class.

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Nov. 14th Makeup Lab



Hey guys! So I had this idea. I am a super curious person. And makeup is a pretttyyy personal thing. I am always getting dozens of questions over email… especially about the differences between airbrush and regular. ALSO I have just so much fun new stuff going on lately soooooo I thought what a better way to share all the things going on in my pink glittery snowglobe of life than with Webisodes! Check out my new ones at and finally meet the girl behind the brush (me …. Glammy) haha