Presenting Glamfans! The Glam Fairy’s handmade, custom ordered, couture eyelashes!

Why Glamfans?  They are tiny fans for the eye–

Glammy Alert! Today, The Glam Fairy, during one of her private glaminars, was inspired when teaching her newly awarded student of the month, Catherine, one of her signature tricks.  That source of her inspiration came while teaching Catherine how to custom build false eyelashes. See-it’s very normal for Alexa to build exquisite lashes with daisy petals, black lace, tule, crystals, and glossy paint. However, it was a complete showstopper for Catherine.  Almost dumbfounding for her that Alexa will layer three to four different cuts of lashes and build by hand and tweezer these minature pieces of artwork.

It was then that Alexa realized how very rare and signature to her style these tiny pieces of art work are. That being said, the Glam Fairy presents her new one-of-kind, hand-made by Alexa Prisco only, Glamfans– “couture custom lashes!” You can submit your order through  Remember to include a few of your favorite things and let that be the source of Alexa’s inspiration while she hand constructs your exquisite lashes!  And for authenticity you will get with your lashes a picture of Miss Glammy herself putting your Glamfans together– we mean YOUR  actual pair:)

Based on how fabulous you want your Glamfans determines how much they can go for… but the sky is the limit for the tips of your lashes in terms of what Alexa can do creatively.

So stop by click on contact and place an order for your Glamfans- so that being couture from head to toe has a new meaning. (11696)

Groovey day =)

One of the collections from MAC came out today, “In the Groove”, and of course, as those who know me would know, I was there bright and early! Since around 7th grade when i bought my very first MAC product (“Pink Freeze” eyeshadow, yes its still available get it, its amazing haha), I have been obsessed with everything MAC makeup. Even before I became a professional makeup artist, I was always looking to build my kit and try all (well most) of MACs products, specifically the eyeshadows. For whatever reason I just have always been fascinated with the colors and textures which resulted in many a day/night of experimenting with random shade mixing/blending. Since of I have made my love a career and because my job is creating art/beauty on someone other than myself, my MAC splurges have heavily increased! One would think owning over 100 eyeshadows MAY be enough but in my eyes, theres always something else out there to enhance others’ natural beauty-and I am forever on a mission to find it! And believe it or not, each eyeshadow, though may seem the exact same, are actually very different-through base color, texture etc.

So today, like every other MAC adventure, I walked out with a number of fun new goodies, including what I think will be one of my favorite products. Its a mineralized shadow TRIO called “Love to Love” — mineralized anything is automatically amazing to me and being that its eyeshadow and a more MATTE (flat color-not frosted or glittery which most bridesmaids/brides tend to dislike for a wedding look) finish mineral product – well I’m pretty freakin excited, to say the least. Im psyched about this particular product because I think its going to bring a new element to my work in weddings. The colors are natural in shade but just enough on the heavy side to satisfy those clients who are interested in the “natural but there” look-the trio consists of a dark brown, beige, and orangey/copper colors. I hope tomorrows clients will be looking for something as such so I can test out the new purchase! I honestly can’t wait–so Im not–haha this blog is over, all this new makeup talk is getting me excited and the experimenting will start now on ME =) xoxo

Cari –> check it out !


Inside New Jersey

Hello all so I was super excited to be a part of the latest issue of Inside New Jersey Magazine. Yours Truly got a FABULOUS full page ad! I was wearing head to toe all See Saw Boutique clothing and Jewlery! For all the details on my wardrobe click on the Jerseylicious section of my website!

They also came to See Saw Boutique and captured me shopping with my girl Gina! Here is the video

Jerseylicious star hits up SeeSaw Fashion Destination for magazine shoot.


Break the Cycle event July 18th!

Hey guys!  I just want to raise a little awareness about an event I am participating in July 18th 2010.  I will copy and paste all the logistics below that the founder Sandra and Jaqueline have put together but before that I can download you with what captivated me about this event.  There are so many women across this country absolutely stuck in households with domestic violence.  Even more so there are children that every day are the victims of terrible aggression and rage and have absolutely no defense against their abuser.  In years before there used to be save havens for these women and children of these terribly abusive homes to flee to.  These are a system of shelters founded by Sandra who runs the program “Break the Cycle.”

Hypothetically speaking you have a woman who is in a horribly abusive relationship who has finally has gained enough courage to flee from her abuser and there is a soft place to fall.  A place to that she can take a “break” physically and metaphorically.  A place that she can develop through analysis with a counselor, a new footing in a world that is very new to her.  Now if you were in this relationship for 20 years (hypothetically) of course it would take more than two months to psychologically be able to provide as a newly single parent and be able to join the workforce all while feeling emotionally capable.  But maybe two months is enough????

When the government cut funding they cut down on many programs and services.  Child protective services– which ultimately cuts the funding for this program.

We now have women who have had enough courage to flee from their abusers and this jackass country expects these women to have the emotional capacity to be out of these shelters within two months?  Apparently.  On top of it when these women cannot find jobs and ultimately provide for their children– child protective services can and will take the children away from perfectly fit mothers who simply needed more time to develop.

This is how it was described when I first talked to Jacquelyn Aluotto in our first amazing conversation.  I was absolutely amazed at Jacquelyn and how much she participates in any way with this organization.  From donating toys, to simply spending time with these wonderful children she is absolutely a remarkable woman.  She explained to me that in order to properly make this program work we need to raise close to half a million dollars and I couldnt believe in the grande scheme of things what a small amount of money it was in order to change SO MANY LIVES!  I told her I would help in any way I can and below is the information about the event that I will be participating in July 18th.

Thank you Sandra, Thank you Jacquelyn, and thank you jacqui and pasquale for all being such amazing people– i truly believe that together we can all make a difference.


Who: Pick It Up! Pictures and Strengthen Our Sisters

What: World Peace Begins At Home

When: Sunday July 18, 2010 1pm – 5:30pm | Press Junket 1pm

Where: Highlands Natural Pool 180 Snake Den Road Ringwood NJ 07456

New Jersey- World Peace Starts at Home is an event that is taking place simultaneously in New Jersey, New York, Detroit, and Texas. Together these events will be a call to action for the people to stand up for what is right and realize that World Peace Starts at Home. In New Jersey the event will be taking place at the fresh water oasis Highlands Natural Pool to raise money for Strengthen Our Sisters women’s shelter and 7 other shelters across the state. The women will receive a celebrity styled make over, then partake in a fashion show. All guests will be able to partake in raffles of some high end Nearly fifty percent of homeless people are women and children fleeing from abuse in America. Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten in America and over 8 women and children are beaten to DEATH everyday in America due to abuse. Pick It Up! Pictures is joining efforts with Strengthen Our Sisters to stop Domestic Violence against innocent children and their mothers. To keep these women and children safe we are raising funds to keep 8 shelters from closing. We will also provide this women with a Joining us in this great effort are, Alexa Prisco, star of the hit show Jerseylicious, Celebrity Fashion Stylist Shine Peru and celebrity makeup artist and star of the show Real Beauty Real Women, Jacqui Phillips who will be donating their time and products to give the battered women living in the shelter a fresh new celebrity makeover. TV & ESPN personality Ashley Ray will be co-hosting this event. These are just a few of the wonderful people that will be putting forward a great effort to help this great cause. When we all join together we can make a greater impact on the world. Let us make that first step. Join us for WORLD PEACE BEGINS AT HOME. RSVP to Ms. Susana Arevalo at by July 9 th . About Pick It Up! Pictures Jacquelyn Aluotto is the mind behind Pick It Up! Pictures. The socially conscious actress then started to realize that she could make a difference in the world through the use of film. With a never say quit attitude and the belief that any individual can help to change the world for the better, the actress decided to become a filmmaker. Pick It Up! Pictures was born with the idea that every single one of us needs to be held accountable when it comes to making the world a better place. About Strengthen Our Sisters Strengthen Our Sisters is a grassroots, community based, nonprofit, 155 bed shelter program serving homeless/battered women and children. The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual For media/press information please contact Sandra at ###


Happy Glam-iversary!!

Hello fellow make-up connoisseurs!

Being that this month marks one year since becoming an official “Fairy”, I’d like to take the time to recap just a FEW of the key make-up tips learned so far from Miss GLaMMy herself! In celebration of a GLAMorious year being apart of a team that seeks to help make all the beautiful brides to be and their bridal parties feel nothing less than beautiful, I pass on some knowledge in hopes that you benefit from these essential tips to enhance your cosmetic experiences as they have enchanced mine =)

1. eyebrows are sisters NOT twins- aka they are naturally differentiate in shape

2. MAC mascara is flake formulated-it is water-resistant and if you happen to accidently get some on an area other than your eyelashes, u can wipe it, gently with the tip of your finger, off of your skin

3. After applying a generous, but not excessive, amount of lash glue, always wave your false lashes back and forth to dry halfway before applying them, this way you will end up with a less messy application and avoid the glue from leaking to your lower lashes causing some unnecessary potentially glued together lash beds!

4. Slightly wet your brush before applying mineralized shadows, try using a spritz of fix plus spray by MAC-this will give the shadow a new dimension and will also allow more precise control during application; also the fix spray will subtley melt the colors together (assuming you are using more than one) which gives a flawless blended look

5. Trimming MACs 224 blending brush into a dome shaped figure gives precise eyeshadow application to the crease of the eye while at the same time blending it perfectly to gve that sexy smokey look!

These tidbits represent just the TIP of the iceberg regarding cosmetic knowledge, BUT definitely can potentially make a big difference in everyday make-up artistry. It has been such an amazingly fun and transformative year being apart of the glam squad. I am excited for what this year will bring, especially with another season of Jerseylicious! I will definitely be sharing more “Alexa-isms”, and maybe some of my own ;), in the future! Cosmetic artistry is ALWAYS envolving and no one technique is the “right” way; I love discussing and hearing of new tips/techniques to find which ones most efficiently increases my abilities, so feel free to share any of your make-up musts or favorite tips/techniques!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Glam Fairy Make-up Artist,

P.S. Thank you Glammy =) (1783)

Help me pick my new Glammyheadquarters!!!!

As most of you know I am thoroughly obsessed with Andy Warhol’s silver Factory.  We now have a full staff of 12 Glam Fairies and  this squad needs a bigger tree for alllll the fairies to land on!

So long story short I found this AMAZING arts building.  Chock full of inspiration… musicians, artist, sculpters– even the jim hensen muppet studio!  As many of you know I am thoroughly a workaholic.  I have definitely NOT been on a vacation in six years.  The business is consuming my space!  Which is amazing.  Sort of like a blessing and a curse.  See for me there is no “clocking out” so to speak.  I am constantly thinking of ways to allow this business to flourish.  That being said I had to decide what exactly it is that i want.  I am not a retail service.  Its not a walk in type of service.  But at this point I know i need more space.

I love the Silver Factory!  For those of you who dont know it was this AMAZINGLY huge space andy warhol used for his movies, artwork…everything and anything that he was brewing in that Campbell soup brain of his.

I want that same kind of space.  A place where I can paint, do photoshoots, do my work, hold events, but not provide service in a retail capacity if that makes sense.

This building is fantastic but like any building over 100 years old it can have its expected “charming” elements– a slow elevator, some artists that are a bit TOO nosey– BUT overall there was an amazing energy I found when I went there.

So here are the different units tell me which one you think is the best:

This is a pretty big loft.  I would replace all those lamps with big black chandelier’s– paint the ceiling silver.  It also is great because it has a dark room on the right with a huge sink which would be great for cleaning my brushes.  I absolutely LOVE the rustic charm to it.  Now keep in mind– I am not so positive that my clients will understand this “lofty” concept so to speak… I mean it is a VERY old building but I really feel that this space would be amazing for doing photoshoots, hair and makeup, even retailing some merchandise– and the great part is that I wont have to deal with the regular walk in traffic of a store front.

Basically I want to add a little zen to my life and I think by keeping my work and my home two separate spaces it will really allow me to be very concentrated when I work and keep away distractions and also allow me to relax when I am home (something I am incapable of doing.  So let me know what you guys think of this space!!!  I need some feed back!

Much Love,



Matte lips

Hello all glammy ladies! I know there is a lot of rave all the time about how fabu a shiny lipgloss looks, but in the past few days I actually discovered a really sexy matte lip combo. I used “Oak” liner from MAC to line the lips, then I blotted loose powder on them. I then did a double outline with “in synch” liner also from MAC and filled it with that pencil! looks natural, but still girly enough to tease! perfect for both day/night looks! try it out & tell me how it looks:)

xoxo VALENTINA xoxo (3389)

Trunk Show at See-Saw Boutique!

Hey Guys .. so as you all know Gina from See-Saw Boutique has dressed me a lot on Season 1 of Jerseylicious.. she is fab and so is her boutique! She is having an awesome Trunk Show on Friday April 16, 2010 from 11AM-5PM. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

The trunk show is for Dian Malouf. . not only is she a recognized jewelry designer but she is also a published author, and a wonderful mother! Her classic gold and silver lines have previewed at Neimans, Nordstroms, and Saks! She will now also be available at See-Saw!

See-Saw always has the latest things.. So don’t forget to stop by on Friday to see some of Dian Malouf’s pieces but also to check out all the glammy spring stuff they got in!

See Saw Boutique

6 West Railroad Avenue

Tenafly, NJ 07670


Glammy* (63741)

Long overdue.. My Jerseylicious Premiere Party!

My GLAMOROUS Premiere Party…

Hey Guys! So I know it’s been a while since the premiere but things have been CRAZY!! Fairy wings have been flapping at FULL capacity for what feels like months now!  On March 21st I had a fabulous premiere party! I wanted to blog about it the day after because I was amazed at how everything came out! I really had no idea what to expect decor/design wise.. I gave my Glam Manager Nicole, the owner of Glam Events total control over the design/coordination of the event.. All I could say was WOW! She transformed the room into EVERYTHING GLAM! From all pink candles.. to martini glass diamond certerpeices.. feathers . . rhinestones . . it was so GLAMMY! Everything was perfect, I couldn’t ask for more!

I want to thank Michael Anthony’s, located in Jersey City for the DELICIOUS good, it was AMAZING! They also have a restaurant, I can’t wait to go in and try some more of their great food. The chef knows exactly what to pair with what, he put everything together perfectly. Chris was a pleasure to work with.

The desert . . my ULTIMATE favorite! The Chocolate Fountain .. Most people that know me know that I love chocolate fondue. So I was THRILLED to have it at my premiere. Laura and her staff were so professional & courteous. I have recommended them to several glammy brides already! It was to die for!

The CAKE.. Zebra/Hot Pink/Black/Feathers/Rhinestones. . NEED I SAY MORE? Strawberry cake with cheesecake filling.. delicious! I saved the top layer like it was a wedding cake!! It was amazing.

The Candy Buffet: Nicole did a FABULOUS job at this, the candy buffet looked so good I almost didn’t even want to eat it and mess it up! But who can resist candy.. no one! Especially hot pink white chocolate marshmallows and nilla wafers, along with rock candy, and pink candy galore! It was FABULOUS!

Glam Events is owned by Nicole who is also the Glam Fairy Manager. Nicole coordinated/designed the entire event. Nicole goes above and beyond for each of her clients and mine as well! She gives every client that “celebrity” treatment they deserve. The Glam Fairy prides itself on treating each bride/client like the queen that they are! Nicole can turn your dreams and vision into reality. She knows what I like and she amazed me with what she did!

I also want to thank Joelle from Planet Verge & Dana from Daily Fashionista for coming out, attending the event, and covering the event!

I also want to thank my friends & family for being there with me and coming out and supporting the show and also the continued support throughout the process! I am so happy that I got to share the night with my closest friends and family!

Here are the links/contact info for all of you!

Michael Anthonys – Jersey City – (201) 798-1798

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Laura – Chocolate Fountain Fantasies

NJ (732) 673-2060 NYC (212) 300-7212 NY (585) 352-9690

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Zebra Cake – Kait888@AOL.COM

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Glam Events – – – mention this blog and receive $100 off your DOC services! Offer only applies to those who inquire after tonights episode!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dana from Daily Fashionista – – Here is a link to the article the wrote! Thanks again Dana, it was a pleasure meeting you!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Joelle from Planet Verge – – Joelle, as always it was a pleasure!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again to everyone!!

Also, a SPECIAL thanks to all My Glam Fairies, I love you all! (15025)

Prom Special: Get all Glammed Up!

So all of you girls who have their prom coming up … Book your appointments now to take advantage of our FABULOUS prom specials and get GLAMIFIED by our Glam Squad!

Your make-up would be done at our make-up studio in Edgewater, NJ. Pricing is only good for groups of 3 or more. You can book hair and make-up or just make-up!

Regular Make-up Application with Lashes: $60

Airbrush Make-up Application with Lashes: $80

Hair $75

Contact today!!!