Corrected Payment form for January classes

To register for any of the January classes you can submit your payment via paypal below.  email us at if you have any questions!

Dates of Classes


5 thoughts on “Corrected Payment form for January classes

  1. I absolutely LOVE Glam Fairy. I think you should start your own make-up line, something like “Fairy Dust”. It would be amazing!

  2. Hi glam fairy girls,I’m soo inlove how alexa does makeup its my matric fairwell and I would love for you to do my makeup only problem is I live in south africa I’m white lol!it will be my dream come to!!xoxo tiff!

  3. hey i have a page on face book and i have in acounnt 2 and i saw u on tv u rock u make ppl feel nice and trustble about there self and i wanna help ya so in my page i tolld my fans (im 13 i made my first mag about fashion) so my fans on face book are alot so i tolld them a bout u so u will have more work to do :) in a good way ok and u know oilva is fine 2 but bring her back to glam fairy bye bye qeen fairy glam

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