Fall Into Fall Trends Without Falling On Your Face. Literally.

The “must have’s” for the mommies living in the real world!

For each season, I scour the internet for my “favs”– a few pieces worth investing in that pay homage to the current trend, but won’t gather dust for the years to come.  I focus on pieces that are made well and help me preserve my own sense of style.

As a new mother I can count the days I have worn heels since I became pregnant on two fingers.  After I had McKayla, I decided that unless I am actually doing makeup, I will do anything “business” related at home.  After an “Ah-ha” moment, I pushed my dining room table into my closet and made my life as a mother, wife, business owner, blogger etc. “work”, well more like “merge”.

Long story short, I was moving into this apartment well before I met Danny and the damage was already done– the third bedroom was turned into a California Closet.  Fast forward two years and McKayla’s toys and various space consuming objects had a viral like consumption of our apartment– I had no choice but to hybrid this sanctuary.

I digress– In the moments I am actually sitting at my computer (any given email includes roughly 15 sprints into the living room to fix a binky, grab juice, put “Gabba” on– you know the drill) I find myself staring at my wall of heels.  Well lit, dusted, and on freshly cleaned glass IMG_0388

Alexa's Closet

— they are undoubtedly well preserved.  But that is all they are– “preserved.”  When am I going to wear a 155mm Louboutin Pigalle?  To pick up dog poo?  To wipe vomit off my shirt? No.

That said, as a new mom I think it is possible to stay current and relevant– even if you lift more in a given day than a heavy weight champion.

Boots: For me, heels are unfortunately a thing of the past.  I look at the Paparazzi pics of moms in YSL double platform pumps, full makeup, and a $4,000 jacket pushing their carriage down Madison Ave. and I just don’t get it.  For those of us pushing our kid through Target feverishly spinning the “Target Cartweel” for an extra 5% on Huggies– heels are the least of our concern.  We tend to focus more on getting through one store without a poo poo diaper, a crying fit, or some strange injury that occurred within the perimeter of the shopping cart.

That said for this season everything is “Moto”– whether it be pairing some hard leather piece and softening it up with a chunky LAMade sweater or going full blown Sons of Anarchy– having something that looks like it should be within ten feet of Harley seems to be the trend of the season.

Frye Jenna Disc

Frye Jenna Disc

I have made two purchases this Fall that make more than enough sense for any mom on the go.  I recently purchase the Frye Jenna Disc. from Amazon.com– and what’s even better is that when you sign up for the shoe email you can get 20% off and free shipping!  What’s better than that!  If  you take a look at these beauties they have that old sweatshirt quality in texture– worn in and cozy.

These are not my first Frye purchase either.  This brand is over 100 years old and have unparalleled craftsmanship.  This is a boot that can “Moto” up any outfit– be it jeans and a blazer, leggings and a sweater, or your husbands t-shirt and PJ pants (my blogging wardrobe of choice).

IMG_2563 Well, after I purchased these boots I happened to be on the hunt for the perfect parka and I came across a picture of Kate Beckinsale that haunted me!  What were those damn boots she had on? I searched and I searched and either I am Pinterest-illiterate or there was not one article or link to the brand for either the boots or the parka.  As I continued my search, I took the parka out of the picture and focused on the boots—googling “Kate Beckinsale Boots” in various forms over and over again.  Did I keep seeing these glorious boots over and over again, transforming endless simple outfits?  Yes.  White tank top and black leggings, spring dress, shorts, winter coats –they worked with everything!  Did I find the brand?   IMG_2555 No.  It tortured me.  I mean it could be that its Kate Beckinsale in them, but it could also be that these boots are just awesome!

FINALLY I came across the brand– Fiorentini and Baker.  And they are just as difficult to buy.  I eventually tracked them down at the actual F+B store in downtown Manhattan and ordered them over the phone.  At $620 these are pricey for any mom.  Well not ANY mom– I’m sure some housewife of something has them in every color.  Cheers to marrying old men for money! But for the rest of us– this is a purchase you hide.

Here was my rationalization– If Kate Beckinsale can wear them with everything for what seems like year round, than I can.  It also seemed like she was constantly walking in them– which says to me who skims 5 feet that I can do my normal baby trekking with a little more height!

Of course before I bought them I did a week’s worth of “should I?” but then I spotted someone in them!

“Omg are those Fiorentini and Baker?” me

“Yes!  I got them like 10 years ago!  Aren’t they great!” random person

This sealed the deal for me.  I would officially be “in” with my moto-esque boots but also have a staple for my wardrobe for years to come.


Layering Pieces: Maybe its because I recently had a kid, maybe its because I am the poster child for anxiety, but not a day goes by that I have not gone down to a tank top and within the same hour bundled up in my favorite sweatshirt.  The temperature outside means nothing– the Alexa thermostat must have a Mercury malfunction because I am either sweating or freezing.  And I am only guessing (as this is new to me) that other moms must be the same way.  So layering is key this season!  Yes, maybe its 60 degrees out to everyone else– but to you, the temperature superhero who can load a baby, fourteen shopping bags, two boxes of diapers, a case of water, the America Choice wipes on sale, and the mums you “saw in the front” into the car in under five minutes– a ‘micro-down” Canada Goose winter parka isn’t going to help things.


The solution?  Layers.  I am a BIG FAN of Target.  And I am even a bigger fan of their clothing.  Who needs $200 flannels
when your husband shrinks them anyway?  Mossimo makes the BEST layering tanks and they are long enough to cover your butt and little belly bulge in the front.  Pair that with their infamous Flannels or Plaid shirts and you are set!

I got my fix of Target Flannels last week.  I used my Target debit card and of course got 5% off of everything– I then used Cartweel and saved an extra 15% on the flannels.  Three flannels for $50.  Not so bad!  And if you have a husband like mine that loves to wash anything that looks remotely dirty– keep a bag hidden with anything you don’t want to shrink.  Wash these bad boys on Perm. Press with Woolite and a touch of fabric softener.  Line or flat dry.
Zara Scarf I love to pair a button down plaid shirt with a huge scarf!  If your rocking your Target flannels do a solid color scarf.  American Apparel makes incredible circle scarves.  They are so large you can actually turn them into a shirt or dress!

If you aren’t layering with a plaid shirt– have the party with scarf! Try the classic Mossimo layering tank with a solid colored shirt and a great pattern scarf!   I have my eye on a Zara scarf now–red plaid on one side and black and white houndstooth on the other.


IMG_2562To soften the look: Layer the flannel with a great lined Parka!  I did an entire Pinterest board dedicated to olive green  lined parkas!  So have your pick.  You can also do a vest!  I personally have my eye on a Zara parka vest.  It has all the detail of a parka, but not as visually overwhelming.  Gap also has these adorable puffer vests that aren’t super thick– so you can keep your waistline:)  My favorite is the burgundy color.

To harden the look: If the boots aren’t enough Moto for you, then bring on the biker jacket!  Do I have my eye on a few?  Yes.  But the Fiorentini boots are my big purchase for the month– my 6 year old leather jacket from Mango will just have to do.  So for the moment, the jacket’s I have my eye on will have to stay inside my computer screen.  I do have my favorites though!

Mackage Quilted leather Jacket

Mackage Quilted leather Jacket

Mackage seems to be a new name popping up the Bloomingdales and Neiman designer Index.  They have a quilted arm leather bomber at Norstrom to die for!

Also, on the Mackage website there is a longer bomber with front pockets and a higher collar which I love even more!  I’ve also seen a couple belted leather jackets– some for sale on Bluefly and some at the department store websites.  Marc New York makes  a vintage inspired one that has a great Amelia Earhart vibe.  Additional length blocks cold weather and allows you to wear the jacket a few extra weeks into the winter.

Marc New York Venice Vintage Washed Leather Jacket

Marc New York Venice Vintage Washed Leather Jacket

Well not too long for Jerseyiates  (If states were related– Jersey and Alaska would be sisters.)

In any event– if the boots don’t tickle your fancy and you want to invest in one good piece I would go with a great leather jacket.  Make sure to either look closely at or zoom in on the sleeves and lining.  The cuff should have some sort of button or zipper– it only makes rolling up easier.  Make sure the stitching is tight and the lining isn’t rough.  I like softer leather better– easier mobility.

Cover it all: Synchronizing the bottle warming, packing the diaper bag, dressing the baby, putting a fresh diaper on, double and triple checking everything to exactly when baby wakes up from their nap (we don’t want wherever we are going to have its own scream track) is an art in an of itself– so to find time to stay “on-trend” is the last thing we are thinking about.  That said there are ways to stay relatively cute and in under five seconds.  And that is by “covering it all” with a huge sweater jacket/ cardigan.  Throw on your moto boots and your set!

Michelle Mason Sweater

About two years ago I bought a Michelle Mason sweater.  It was open like a jacket, extremely warm and very long.  It hit me at the bottom of my calves. I sometimes belt it for extra warmth.  It seems nearly impossible to find this sweater anywhere however I am sure there is something similar out there.  I scoped out Piperlime and there seems to be tons of options!  No one has to know that you have a 15 year old Subway Sandwich T-shirt underneath!  I love this sweater more and more with each cold month I have it.  I even wear it when I am working at home and just want that extra cozy feel.


My fav skincare/ body products for fall: With fall comes crisp cool air, changing leaves, the “salted caramel mocha”, big scarves, leather jackets, boots, America Horror Story– I could go on forever.  It is my favorite time of year.  But what goes up, must come down– and the down side of Autumn is the damaging effects of cold weather on our skin.

For the body: As moms the time we have to do a full “boudoir” is about as long as it takes for your baby to realize you’re gone.  I understand those peaceful moments are few and far between.  But there are ways to hit all your bullet points of skin care in an insanely quick way.

1. When you take a hot shower– the pores all over you body open up.  Instead of jumping out, drying off and putting lotion on– hang your towel over the shower door or keep it nearby.  After you turn the water off stay IN the shower with the remaining steam.

Dolly Moo Body Oil

Dolly Moo Body Oil

Do a quick pat down to get any excess of water but do not dry off.  Literally two pats and that is it.  Then take body oil– my favorite is the Dolly Moo Sandlewood (available online only), one pump is a nice sized handful of oil.  I use one pump per limb and then about four for my chest and stomach– I use TONS of it.  What your doing is returning the natural moisture content to your skin in a much quicker and efficient way.  The pores are still open so by drenching your skin with this incredible oil the pores will close; filled with moisture.  When you step out of the shower you will undoubtedly be “oily” so put on a large robe and just walk around like that for about 15 minutes.  This process allows the oil to soak deeper into the skin.  Rest assured when you get dressed (or jump into your sweats) your skin will feel renewed.

For the Face: Whenever I talk to my clients I always ask them to tell me WHAT kind of skin they have and what their skin care regime is.  Hands down, 99% of people that have oily skin tell me that they do NOT use moisturizer because their skin is oily enough.  Also, people with oily skin tend to use cleansers and other products with ingredients to rip the pore of any moisture– things like Noxema, Witch Hazel, salicylic acid Acid, the list goes on.  Whenever you wash your face you remove the natural moisture content.  That said, using products designed to not only remove but eradicate any trace of dirt will only make the skin drier.  People do this for the “feeling” of having oil free skin.  But that feeling doesn’t last for long.  If you do not replenish the natural moisture content– your skin will on its own.  It literally will pump out even more oil than you had on your face before you washed it.

When you wash your face it is so important to IMMEDIATELY replenish your skin with moisturizer.  This prevents your skin from “fighting back” so to speak.

That said, cold weather on its own does a number to your skin– so its important to use products that can withstand all the torturous conditions it will be up against.

Keep in mind– they are called PORES not SPORES.  When you use a new cleanser the dirt will not shoot out of your poor and give you flawless skin by the time your face hits the towel– it takes time!  Dirt comes out slowly and when it reaches the surface it obviously will turn into a pimple.  So many people think that new skin care products cause them break outs, but its actually called the “Purging Process”– it means the products are working.  So before you throw in the towel– give the regime a solid month.  You will be past the purging period and into the territory of new gorgeous skin.

Products I love:


Oil of Olay 7 in 1 Regenerist Cleanser

▪ Cleanse– I love the Oil of Olay 7 in 1 Regenerist Cleanser.  I use this daily with theClarasonic Mia 2.  Obsessed!  Your skin will never feel cleaner.  You skin completely replaces itself every 30 days but it has memory.  It remembers the position of scars, pock marks, beauty marks– everything!  By exfoliating your skin daily you essentially give your skin Amnesia by speeding up the cellular rejuvenation rate!


Creme de la mer

▪   Moisture Routine– for ten years I have been an avid user of Creme de la Mer.  I use the radiant serum, eye balm, and creme.  There is no other product I have found that comes close to what this does to my skin.  If you go to the La Mer website you can see the entire history on the product.  This will truly protect your skin in the cold months.


bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm

▪   Tinted Moisturizer– Even if your not putting makeup on– tinted moisturizer is that extra barrier, the bulletproof vest of skin products.  This does not replace your moisturizer but goes on top.  My favorite for the cold months is Bobby Brown’s Extra Tinted Moisturizing Balm.

So there it is– all of my Fall recommendations.  Are the identical to the tips in Vogue?  Not really.  Because mommies don’t wear ten thousand dollar gown’s on a daily basis.  We try to stay as cute as possible in a schedule jam packed with activities designed to prevent just that.

Here is a link to the “Pick a Parka” Pinterest board mentioned above:


Here is link to the “My Fall Fav’s” Pinterest Board:





From one Glammy Mommy to Another:)



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