Hello Ladies,

I have COMPLETELY revamped the Girls on Film section of my website! It is chock full of images of glammy brides, glamazons, and Miss-T so you can see tons of samples of my work!

The Miss T section is my latest photoshoot and is going to be an ongoing series of photos of different looks on one model so you lovely ladies out there can realize you are far more than capable of carrying off more than one look! Miss T’s foundation, bronzer, and body glow is all done with airbrush. If you look at the details you can notice just the perfect amount of glow radiating off of her collar bone and shoulder. I did this photoshot with my most favorite photographer in all of the land Al “the man” Romero from
The great thing about “Girls on Film” is I can recreate and of these looks on you, or we could use them as inspiration for whatever look you want– adding and removing elements to make it perfectly tailored to your canvas.

Happy browsing!


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