Glam Academy Semester 6 Presents: 60’s Italian Vogue

This photoshoot was inspired by 1960's Italian Vogue and each student was not only responsible for the makeup-- but the entire vision.  Bravo Semester 5!

The Glam Academy has been more of a success than ever!  Semester after semester our students within months of graduating the program have flourished into full grown businesses– some booked out solid for two years.  One of our recent graduates was covered in an article by CNN doing makeup for fashion week!

The design of the program is unlike any other.  We help you identify those things about yourself that you don’t realize are specific to your own wealth of knowledge.  Meaning I grew up in a highly artistic environment– so the language of Jazz, artistic terminology, the way I observe shadow and light is something that is just normal to me.  And something I didn’t necessarily realize other people may not know.


Discovering the things that you don’t realize you are passionate about and fusing that to your artistry allows you to create a brand and line of services that no one else has.

The Glam Academy builds you as an artist by allowing you to see the world of makeup through an artistic lens and breaks the “yes’s” and “no’s” we allow to mold our perception of makeup artistry.  Fusing that with those signature things about “you” that make you different from the rest of the world– we help you hone in on an untouched brand and market.  As quickly as your artistry develops so to does your business– essentially we fuse both the artist and the entrepreneur.  We identify your goals and show you just how much further you can go.

The student that leaves the program is not someone that has left a 90 hour program but an individual that has changed their course in life.  A person that has worked not only on Academy days, but on the days between working on independent assignments that build your artistry and understanding of business.

The entire year of Academy dates has been released.  We have a variety of schedules designed to fit anyone’s availability.  With 60% of our students out of state our “Intensive” program is identical to the Glam Academy in curriculum but is in two back to back weeks.

We have also recently release our Masters program which is exclusive to graduates of the Glam Academy.  This program advances and perfects your artistry and comes with a complimentary internship/ externship where the student is able to gain field experience by assisting at a variety of levels– observing, assisting, and actually doing makeup on clients. This creates a cushion and provides the students with actual experiences only further preparing them for their own business.

To learn more about the program, please visit the Glam Academy section of our website–

Our 2013 pricing is being extended to March 13th so book your seat now to lock in this rate! 

To reserve your seat in any of our upcoming Semester’s, please visit–academy-dates.html

To book your seat please either fill out a contact form on our contact page or email us directly at  Seats are limited so reserve your seat now!  We have payment plans available.


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