GLAMMY PUSS PHOTO! Get your photo session just like GiGi:)


Ready to be a ham for the Cam? Glammy Puss Photo is glamorous day that includes makeup by Alexa, or a fairy of your choice, sexy hair with elite extensions (depending on package)and photos taken by the Glam Fairy herself – Miss Alexa Prisco.

Alexa has a passion to look at the bigger picture and after years of collaborating with other photographers and prepping herself to do photoshoots – the right way, she’s ready to direct you behind the lens!  Utilizing tools such as a ring flash which produces the sexiest and sleekest results, Alexa knows the right angles and best lighting to use in order to make you look and feel good!

Photography, like makeup is a specific art according to Miss Glammy.  Alexa’s work is a reflection of her research of many different photographers, pin up painters, pin up photography, and photo logistics fused her elemental understanding of makeup.

This combination: understanding of light, shadow, and how to position the body leaves an absolutely beautiful picture that clearly represents the female form in all of its fabulousness.

Unlike the plethora of creepsters that want to get you in your bra for their own personal photos you can be assured that the motivation for this shoot is strictly to keep you feeling and looking fabulous.  Alexa has a way of making anyone feel very comfortable.  This is not a boring shoot with the same poses and looks. Rather, this is a full Glam Fairy shoot.  If you’re looking for regular – keep you camera and mirror pics at home.  If you’re ready for full Glam…keep reading.

•          Glammy Puss Leopard Package: BYOC bring your own clothes, this package includes one look by Alexa and the glam fairies, a CD including pictures from the shoot.  The photoshooot also includes props and a stylized set with Alexa snapping away.  The Glam Fairy price $850.

•                 Glammy Puss Pink Package:  Get your makeup and hair done plus a fabulous photo shoot with four outfits.  Also includes a CD with all of your images and two photoshopped images of your choice.  Also includes wardrobe.  The Glam Fairy price $1300.

•               Glammy Puss Glitter Package: This is the ultimate in pampering, so come in and get your style on throughout the entire shoot!  This package includes:

•                  Full makeup with body glow, airbrush, and lashes.

•                  Hair with elite extensions (for fabulously full hair)

•                  One look gets touched up and changed so it looks like two separate looks.

•                  Should you decide you want to go a bit smokier for  your last outfit, just let Alexa and her fairies know, and they’ll change up your makeup!

•                  An amazing photo album delivered BEFORE Christmas for you to keep or give to that special someone.

•                  The Glam Fairy Price $2700.

Reserve your photoshoot before January 10th and save $250 off the package of your choice.  All sessions are paid in full to reserve the date.


To book your Glammy Puss Photo session with us please e-mail… OR call phone: 1.862.684.1419 (15752)

14 thoughts on “GLAMMY PUSS PHOTO! Get your photo session just like GiGi:)

  1. Was interested in getting photos done, saw you are charging 850 for 1 shot and had to bring my own clothes etc… dealbreaker for myself and a bunch of my girlfriends who are all getting photos done for their guys for Valentines Day and their are 9 of us…we agree that if we are ever going to spend that kind of money it will be with a professional…

  2. Hi Alexa, my sister Chyna and I are big big i mean BIG fans of you. The Glam factory is the best thing that u did for your self to expand your business. That’s exactly what was needed. I hope you continue at the top of your game and dont forget you do need a lil love in your life sometimes, I know you don’t like dating much lol. I’m also looking to be in the hair and beauty business and I will definately take all of your hints, tips, and advice. Cris,24… [Chyna] Hi how are you? Hope all is well with you, family and business. I love what you do and hope you continue to do whats best for you and your business! We learned about you on Jerseylicious and we became fans thenyou opened up the Glam Factory and it was just awesome that you went solo. ; ) ; ) Chyna,15.

  3. i wanna do a couple of photo shoots at the glam factory i think its awesome for me to do a couple of photo shoots with a couple of outfits and high heel shoes. with my hair & makeup done……..

  4. ALEXA,
    i love you! my dream is to come get a makeover by you! ive seen you on jerseylicious…you are amazaing!! <3 lots of love!

  5. Dearest Alexa and her Fabulous team,
    I love you Alexa!!! You are so so amazing! You inspire me everytime I see your work! You make me want to be more beautiful in my own skin, with or without makeup! After a difficult year of saddness and transitions, I would love to treat myself to one of your amazing photo shoots! Due to medical reasons, ( recent surgery) I have to wait until the begining of July . Is it possible to book you this early in advance? Please email me at anytime with information. Kepp it rockin bella! – Stina
    914 420 9408

  6. hello… i have an app on feb 3rd at 1pm. I did get a confirmation email but i must of deleted it by mistake. If you can please send me the address again, and ideas of what to bring? Thank you so much

  7. Is there a package for just one pose and you bring your own clothes. I am in my last pregnancy and it is finally a girl. I want a reason to celebrate it. Plus my husband thinks I look cute when I am pregnant so I wanted to capture the moment for him. I just want to see what the price would be for just one pose. I would want my makeup definately done by Alexa herself. I am a big fan! It wouldn’t be until I was in my last trimester which is not until the summer. Hopefully I could get enough money by then. I live all the way in Maryland but it would definately be worth the drive. Thank you and congratulations on breaking away from the Gatsby! I am so proud of you all!

  8. Alexa im 13 and i live in South Africa i would like to find out how much it would cost for u to come and do my make-up please

  9. Soy de argentina.Me parece fastastico tu trabajo!!! Me gustaria poder aprender a maquillar asi… Sos una genia!!!!

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