This line of cosmetics is completely Vegan which means no animals were harmed in anyway which is something I 100% standby.  But also David Klassfield, the owner of this incredible makeup line, I met at this years Makeup Show in NYC.  Well after testing me the complete line of his cosmetics which he so graciously gave to me in addition to his top of the line iwata airbrush compressor– I FELL IN LOVE!  

the color delivery of every category of products is AMAZING!

LIP TAR– The lip tars offered in every shade imaginably are incredible!  They are highly pigmented, stay on ALL DAY, and the best part is if you grab a bunch you can mix mix mix!  Don’t be scared of the bright blue’s and black because of course they will look great alone for that perfect editorial look but from an artist perspective they allow you to add bases to different color’s so you can design a color perfect for you!  Take a pink lipstick with too much gold– add a little blue lip tar and WALA! You neutralized the gold and leveled out the bases creating the color of your dreams!  These are my go to products for every season– the perfect red for the winter time, a bold coral for the summer, an auburn stain for the fall, and pale soft pink for the spring.  A must have!

Eyeshadows– they speak for themselves.  Milled to perfection these eyeshadow have such a high PSI (particle per square inch) that the color holds its pigmentation and is rich.  A teeny drop and you have that perfect smokey crease.  And as far as shimmering eyelids– David has designed glitters of all shades and mills that can create a look for a drag queen stepping onto Christopher street or a tween going to the movies with the girls.

Foundations– whether you airbrush, paint, or massage directly onto the skin– these foundations, tinted moisturizes,liquid bronzer’s, blushes, and luminizers keep the makeup artist in control and not the machine.

These days so many company’s try to confine the artist by having these ridiculous cartridges that attach onto the gun which prevent the artist from understanding the true art of airbrush makeup.  David understands that not every color may be perfect the second it squirts out the tube– so with his full range of products designed for airbrush you can mix his products together to create the color of your dreams ultimately leaving YOU in the driver’s seat– not the designer of the airbrush machine.

These are just a few of the many amazing product’s offered both online and in the OCC boutique in ny– and are literally just a click away!  Visit www.occmakeup.com — an artist is only as good as their brushes and paint.

note: occ makeup was utilized in every episode of The Glam Fairy show on the Style Network to create all the incredible makeovers we did!

JOSH LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY #1 all time favorite photographer Josh Lynn!  If you want to look absolutely amazing in every single photo than you MUST you Josh Lynn.  www.joshlynn.com– and if you dont– i’ll spill glitter on you!  No seriously he is amazing i work with him every five seconds– hes the perfect blend for any bride cause hes not some big ego photographer he is absolutely super cool and humble and more than anything funny!  I love all his special effect fun things he does so you DEFINITELY should use him!

SIGMA BRUSHES Until one year ago I shunned the idea of a “brush kit” I felt that brushes were something that should be picked individually and cross branded.  I then came across Sigma Brushes and was simply BLOWN AWAY!  They are absolutely amazing brushes and the best part is that they do not degrade the quality of the brush when offered in a kit.  I have endless sets of Sigma brushes– whether I am doing my own makeup, fashion week, a bride, or full on technical makeup– these are the brushes that allow me to get the level of detail that I need as an artt to achieve whatever look I need.  They are clamped with steel, triple dipped stems (which means the base of the brush doesn’t chip) and they will last you a lifetime!

DIRTY DOLLS LINGERIE the most fabulous bra’s on the planet!!  sexy and are designed to be exposed!









SEE SAW BOUTIQUE Gina my girl from see saw boutique in Tenafly NJ stylizes me for EVERYTHING she is the most fanstastic wonderful person ever and makes me every glammy and special for ALL my special events!  I love love love love her work!  And her absolutely charming wonderful personality makes you feel like your with your sister.  I love her!  www.seesawboutique.com but you must go to her boutique in person if you want the true Gina experience!


82 thoughts on “J’adore

  1. i love the glam fairy! being a cosmetologist myself really makes me want to work in a salon like yours. good job ladies! and you crack me up:)

  2. hi alexa
    i am a huge fan i watch every sing episode and i love…. your works i love the glam fairy factory it looks fab :) can you ask Glamoe where he gets those outfits that he has i am dying to get those designs

    THANK YOU so much

    love toni

  3. i love you show it is amazing it is always so funny and tell every one i said hey and i love the show and want to come see your place but i live in Alabama Roll Tide Roll

  4. I love what you do! I especially love that you share what you do with the world. I can’t get enough. Alexa you inspire me. I love that you had a vision and let nothing get in your way of making it come true. Like you, our family has passion and love for what we do. My Sister has recently launched her business where she re-vamps favorite t-shirts into sexy halters. Every time I watch your show and see the girls in their Glam Fairy T’s I think to myself how awesome it would be to have my Sister re-vamp a T for one of the girls or hopefully all. I see how they cut them up and try and transform them. I know you and your girls would go gaga for them. So as I watched the show today I made the decision to do something different and contact you. How can I get my hands on one of your t-shirts to have it re-vamped and sent back to you? You can even check Jessica’s site out above. I swear you girls will fall in love! xoxo

  5. I was watching a marathon of The Glam Factory today actually. One of the shows you did a plus size photo shoot. Would you please tell me the web address for this plus size store. Thank you

  6. heyy there Glam fairy, I was wondering if you could create a Alice in wonderland look for me on youtube because i have a fancy dress party to go to in February and I love the show and everyone on it and all the make up you do is AMAZING <3 xx

  7. Love the work from the whole crew!! You should do a trip to Australia and hold a glam workshop here. Would be a total success . Please email me if you do anytime in the near future .Xx

  8. Hi, Alexa !
    I am a big fan of glam fairy and I wach every episode of the show and I just love all the work that yo do. I am from Croatia ( near Italy :P ) and I love all about you and all about the show and everyone on it!! :)

  9. keep up the good work Alexa, because you know that hard work always pays off. keep your head up high and rock it.

  10. Hi Alexa, Im a huge fan of the “Glam Fairy”. All the work that you guys do is so incredibly amazing. And all your ideas are the best . But I was wondering if you, or you glam squad had ant tips for me on how to make my hair longer. Everything that I have been doing has not been working at all. I love my hair but I just wish it was longer. So maybe if you could can you please help me out here!?
    xoxo – Brianna

  11. Hi Alexa, Im a huge fan of the “Glam Fairy”. All the work that you guys do is so incredibly amazing. And all your ideas are the best . But I was wondering if you, or you glam squad had ant tips for me on how to make my hair longer. Everything that I have been doing has not been working at all. I love my hair but I just wish it was longer. So maybe if you could can you please help me out here!?
    xoxo – Brianna My email is briannad16@rocketmail.com

  12. Hi Alexa!
    I love your show so much! I live fashion and want to become a fashion and make up artist when I grow up! I would LOVE to become a glam fairy so much! That’s my dream!! Thank you so so so much for having this show! It’s what I want to do when I grow up! You and your glam fairy’s are such a HUGE inspiration to me! I was wondering g if you could give me some tips on what style hair to wear with what clout makeup and clothes?! It would be awesome if you could help me with that! Please email me… Mjd0912@gmail.com
    And again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  13. I love love love all of you from jersey wish I could just move out there I love the hair clothes yalls style oh an the SMOKEY EYE OMG I hope to hear and see you all soon:) XOXO

  14. Alexa,
    I love both shows, and congrats on your marriage and baby. You also have a very beautiful website. However, I don’t think that you (Alexa) wrote this page. There are a ton of grammatical errors on it, and that is NOT you! Be sure to proof read anything that goes on your site so you are not compared to the Housewives or Jersey Shore people you talk about. If you need a proofreader, I’m here.

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