Glitterocity: Glam Academy!

Hello Everyone!On Sunday I went to Hoboken, NJ for my 1st day of the Glam
Academy and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never had
any professional make up training before, so this was an
amazing experience and I left feeling so inspired that I wanted
to come home and put make up on everyone I know. For those of
you who aren’t familiar with the Glam Academy, it is a
certification program taught by Alexa Prisco (The Glam Fairy).
This certification is different from
other training because the students are taught tips
and techniques on how to start their own businesses as well as
valuable information about all types of make up and how to
apply it in the most effective way for the client. I know that
this program is going to be so beneficial for me in starting my
career as a make up artist. I am so happy that I finally
figured out what i’m supposed to do with my life.

I definitely plan on posting pictures as the Academy
progresses! I’m so excited to share this experience with you
guys. If you want to check out Alexa’s website, you can go to

Thanks for reading! I’ll update soon!


Glitterocity: Glam Academy!.

Source: Glitterocity: Glam Academy!


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