Happy Glam-iversary!!

Hello fellow make-up connoisseurs!

Being that this month marks one year since becoming an official “Fairy”, I’d like to take the time to recap just a FEW of the key make-up tips learned so far from Miss GLaMMy herself! In celebration of a GLAMorious year being apart of a team that seeks to help make all the beautiful brides to be and their bridal parties feel nothing less than beautiful, I pass on some knowledge in hopes that you benefit from these essential tips to enhance your cosmetic experiences as they have enchanced mine =)

1. eyebrows are sisters NOT twins- aka they are naturally differentiate in shape

2. MAC mascara is flake formulated-it is water-resistant and if you happen to accidently get some on an area other than your eyelashes, u can wipe it, gently with the tip of your finger, off of your skin

3. After applying a generous, but not excessive, amount of lash glue, always wave your false lashes back and forth to dry halfway before applying them, this way you will end up with a less messy application and avoid the glue from leaking to your lower lashes causing some unnecessary potentially glued together lash beds!

4. Slightly wet your brush before applying mineralized shadows, try using a spritz of fix plus spray by MAC-this will give the shadow a new dimension and will also allow more precise control during application; also the fix spray will subtley melt the colors together (assuming you are using more than one) which gives a flawless blended look

5. Trimming MACs 224 blending brush into a dome shaped figure gives precise eyeshadow application to the crease of the eye while at the same time blending it perfectly to gve that sexy smokey look!

These tidbits represent just the TIP of the iceberg regarding cosmetic knowledge, BUT definitely can potentially make a big difference in everyday make-up artistry. It has been such an amazingly fun and transformative year being apart of the glam squad. I am excited for what this year will bring, especially with another season of Jerseylicious! I will definitely be sharing more “Alexa-isms”, and maybe some of my own ;), in the future! Cosmetic artistry is ALWAYS envolving and no one technique is the “right” way; I love discussing and hearing of new tips/techniques to find which ones most efficiently increases my abilities, so feel free to share any of your make-up musts or favorite tips/techniques!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Glam Fairy Make-up Artist,

P.S. Thank you Glammy =) (1756)

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