Help me pick my new Glammyheadquarters!!!!

As most of you know I am thoroughly obsessed with Andy Warhol’s silver Factory.  We now have a full staff of 12 Glam Fairies and  this squad needs a bigger tree for alllll the fairies to land on!

So long story short I found this AMAZING arts building.  Chock full of inspiration… musicians, artist, sculpters– even the jim hensen muppet studio!  As many of you know I am thoroughly a workaholic.  I have definitely NOT been on a vacation in six years.  The business is consuming my space!  Which is amazing.  Sort of like a blessing and a curse.  See for me there is no “clocking out” so to speak.  I am constantly thinking of ways to allow this business to flourish.  That being said I had to decide what exactly it is that i want.  I am not a retail service.  Its not a walk in type of service.  But at this point I know i need more space.

I love the Silver Factory!  For those of you who dont know it was this AMAZINGLY huge space andy warhol used for his movies, artwork…everything and anything that he was brewing in that Campbell soup brain of his.

I want that same kind of space.  A place where I can paint, do photoshoots, do my work, hold events, but not provide service in a retail capacity if that makes sense.

This building is fantastic but like any building over 100 years old it can have its expected “charming” elements– a slow elevator, some artists that are a bit TOO nosey– BUT overall there was an amazing energy I found when I went there.

So here are the different units tell me which one you think is the best:

This is a pretty big loft.  I would replace all those lamps with big black chandelier’s– paint the ceiling silver.  It also is great because it has a dark room on the right with a huge sink which would be great for cleaning my brushes.  I absolutely LOVE the rustic charm to it.  Now keep in mind– I am not so positive that my clients will understand this “lofty” concept so to speak… I mean it is a VERY old building but I really feel that this space would be amazing for doing photoshoots, hair and makeup, even retailing some merchandise– and the great part is that I wont have to deal with the regular walk in traffic of a store front.

Basically I want to add a little zen to my life and I think by keeping my work and my home two separate spaces it will really allow me to be very concentrated when I work and keep away distractions and also allow me to relax when I am home (something I am incapable of doing.  So let me know what you guys think of this space!!!  I need some feed back!

Much Love,



3 thoughts on “Help me pick my new Glammyheadquarters!!!!

  1. Hey, first time commenter/Jerseylicious fan here :)
    I don’t live in NJ or know your old headquarters, but I just want to provide some feedback or so.

    This place look magnificent, the big window just looks entrancing! From the way you described it, it seems like a perfect place to stay since you even said you found an immensely positive energy, which is what artists needs especially since you do work so much. Rustic or antiquity just looks lovely to me, haha, but some of the AW magic dust will rub off ;) sometimes old may be better than new, and you can always renovate. It sounds like a great idea going with a loft rather than a retail or department, then it would be confusing for the passersby, but in here you have total control of your clients and when you want your space.

    May I ask what do you like to paint or paint usually? Just wondering because it’s an interest of mine too (including cosmetics). ^^

    Anyhow, good luck with everything, I am sure whatever ya’ll do will be fabulous!

  2. What an amazing space! It has that old world charm to it.
    It’s definitely meant to be Glammy headquarters.
    I too am obsessed with Warhol’s factory. Just make sure you keep the photoshoot areas silver ceiling free, I did that and it messed with alot of my lighting set ups.
    I hope it all works out, it’s vital to be able to separate home and work when possible. Nothing better than coming home, sitting on your sofa and turning your mind away from work,even if only for a few minutes.
    A long time ago I used my home as my office, and when I was able to stop doing that, it completely changed my life.
    Keep up the glamorous work, you inspire me.

  3. Alexa, I think you are beautiful, inside and out. I am reading this late so you may have already made some changes, but I think the decor would be fabulous. Anyone who comes to you, understands you. I thought the pregnancy photo shoot walk through at the mansion with the girls on the bed was so funny-in a good way. I love it when you are saying something and some people don’t ‘get you’ and the looks on their faces is what’s funny. I, too, was a victim of domestic violence. From incest as a young girl-my parents said he would never do that stuff to you, to my ex husband. Thirteen years after this abuse, I planned my escape with my teenage daughter. I kept her away from it and had no idea she heard it from her room. He stalked me for three years and threw me against a washing machine, damaging my back. There is so much more involved but I will abbreviate this for time. Today, I am 47 and permanently disabled and on social security. I can barely walk and only get out to go to the md. When I was younger I could smile and didn’t want to, now after him knocking my front tooth out, my self esteem is so low I want to smile but I don’t. I have searched for your teardrop earrings from see saw and can never find them. Even though I don’t do anything and am homebound ( I have an aide and an RN that come), after watching you, I bought new make up, hair products and perfume to make myself feel better. Do you know of any other place I can find those earrings? I’ve seen other people wear them too on tv, only I have to do all my shopping on-line since I have nerve damage in my back it causes my leg to give out w/out notice. I also get to enjoy urinary incontinence due the nerve damage and get to wear pull ups at 47. My faith in God has gotten me through this and I enjoy each day. I love you and you inspire me. Keep up the good work you gorgeous glammy. I have three grand daughters who live in Mass, I’m in Ohio so I don’t get to see them. I am known as Gammy-almost Glammy…lol. Love and hugs, Karen

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