Jerseylicious Style Network TV show airing March 2010

JERSEYLICIOUS, STYLE NETWORK, TV, SHOW, TRACY, OLIVIA, ALEXA, GIGI, ANTHONY, GAYLE, CHRISTY — See some amazing artists with some big personality, even better talent, and style that makes anyone without a teasing comb feel left out! Come watch! Dont be scared! There is a rumor going around that people from Jersey have these things called hearts– even big ones! So give us a chance and be prepared to laugh and have a great time with some great people!


One thought on “Jerseylicious Style Network TV show airing March 2010

  1. I am a fan of the show and personally I would never as a salon owner ever treat some one the way Alexa treats Olivia. She talks down to her in front of the customers and in front of the salon staff at The Gatspy . That girl has more then proved herself then anyone should ever have to. And the woman is so arrigant I could never be able to work with her until she earned a little bit of respect.I really do not think that a professional salon like the Gatspy needs her there at all. Olivia knows alot without her around she is truly a pro. Alexa claims she is so great that she shouldn’t need the salon to earn clients or is the real reason that she does not have enough. I really think the salon is better then that. Tracy should be related to alexa, that girl needs help. She is so obsessed with how she hates olivia so damn much she is another one that should not be there. I wish when they fired her she should of never hired her back. It was olivia that saved her job but still she gets walked on by Tracy and alexa. These people will be the down fall of the salon but hey it’s only my opinion. I have seen it so many times in the last 25 years that I have been in this business.

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