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Tom Ford Beauty Campaign (Inspired) Photoshoot

So this week I really wanted to challenge the students.  By day 8 of the program, the students are reaching a phase of the program where they need to truly test their ability to fuse all of their skill sets into one comprehensive look.  Fashion inspires makeup, and if makeup trends change, so too should the looks that I teach these students!  While the structure and placement is something that has nothing to to do with time and trends, our understanding of the color wheel (and for the sake of this look, tertiary colors) can allow the students to meet the criteria of this look in a new, exciting way! So many people confuse “preference” and “technique.”  A well versed artist would never say “oh look at the blending on that?!?!” For the sheer fact that an artists personal preference has very little to do with a “look call”.  And if the artists preference has the ability to infect the vision of someone directing a shoot or campaign, than that artists preference, has in fact, hindered their artistic range (and most likely got them kicked off a set or blacklisted).  You must be able to push past your own cultural definition of beauty, push past “what you think looks good” and simply create art. I knew very well that this look would make everyone uncomfortable.  I knew that I had ingrained in their brains that the MIS-use of frost eyeshadow had the ability to work against lighting.  And because of this fear, I wanted to present them with a look that challenged the placement of products they feared the most, that ascetically violated their own ideas of beauty, and that visually, had to meet extremely specific compositional points. So, with my triad of colors in mind, used by the great minds behind Burberry and Tom Ford Beauty Campaigns, I wanted to see if this group could celebrate the combination of rich reds, plums, and the children of this primary, secondary combo.  I wanted them to recreate a consistent shadow and highlight pattern on every piece of visible skin.  I wanted this look airbrushed and contoured in way that explores the range of shadows that exist in nature.  I wanted them to identify specific elements of the pigment placement on the eye, identify elements that violated their initial perceptions, and just go for it!  The Look; Plum eyelids with a horizontal gradient effect exploring the saturation of the hue, Core shadow of the hollows of the cheek paired with a flash of color, and crimson defined lips amplifying the whites of the eyes and teeth. Just a BIT of a challenge.  But a challenge that was taken on extremely well.


The Makeup Look on the left we used for inspiration


This is the campaign that we used for the overall inspiration in terms of model placement and lighting

Glam Academy Recreation of Tom Ford Beauty Campaign: Makeup by Colleen Webber/ Photography by Alexa Prisco


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