Love Tonight’s Episode??

If you loved tonights episode and loved Gretchen’s amazing gown please visit They have gorgeous dresses with just ENOUGH sparkle!  Also to create the amazing look I did for Gretchen’s bridal makeup check out amazing vegan makeup that will give you the pigment and sparkle you need to create a bold glam look!

Also if you want to be a “fairy for the day” and win a glam fairy makeup class with your truly please visit and enter the sweepstakes!

To check out my latest blog entry of a GF horror story check out the blog under


Glamster! (12301)

11 thoughts on “Love Tonight’s Episode??

  1. I would LOVE to enter the sweepstakes, but when I go to the link to enter, there’s no place to enter! :( please help! I’d love to meet you guys and be a fairy for the day! xoxo

  2. I think your a true inspiration! Your work is awesome and I think you handle situations with great ease! My husband and I love watching your show!

  3. I’m a huge fan of your show and I would love to visit your factory and meet all of you .. I’m a hairdresser for over 12 years and love love your ideas with everything you do in hair and make-up .. If I never meet you guys .. Good luck with everything an I will for as long as your show is on stay tuned in .. Xoxo

  4. I look forward to your show every Sunday night. I’m from a very small town in Maine. I enjoy the talent you and your team have. It’s amazing to see how you make your clients so beautiful. I am a 46 year old and would truely love to meet you and your team of glam fairies. My 26 year old daughter would also like to meet you, however, we are shy and wouldn’t want to be on tv, plus I realize the sweepstake is for one person, but what an experience it would be! I have never been able to apply eye shawdow, I end up looking like a racoon. What a treat it would be at your glam factory. Take care all and I’ll keep watching. Leslie

  5. Loved the episode on empowering women! I still am unable to find the link to enter the fairy for a day contest. My sister has jus recently been through a horrific tragedy and I believe this could get her mind off of it for a day!

  6. Dear Alexa, I would love to enter the Glam Fairy contest for a special and courageous person. I went to, but it does not work. My mother was in an abusive marriage for twenty years. She needs to rediscover the beautiful person she is on the inside and show it off to herself and the world. She is an amazing woman, loving mother, caring person and devoted Nurse. She always goes out of her way to help others in need, but never herself. In January, she will turn sixty-five. However, she does not look her age. She told me when she was younger she had style, but needs help recapturing it. This would help her personally and professionally. This is my Christmas, New Years and Birthday gift. Thank you Alexa and her Glam Fairy Staff! Happy Holidays!

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