Most Gorgeous trial of the week!

Hello all!

Its 10 days in and it has been an incredible year already.  I really feel like Christmas strengthens bonds between friends, family, and of course if you are lucky enough to have one– your penguin.

This was the first Christmas I truly felt like a kid again.  From waking up at the crack of dawn and sliding under our enormous tree to a sea of gifts.  To a delicious breakfast in lieu  of the traditional xmas breakfast I had as a kid whipped up by my penguin (Danny) and a day to follow filled with the beginning of new traditions that we will have for years to follow. I feel like Christmas makes you fall in love again.  In love of course with your partner, but even more so with your life.

This new year my overall resolution is to really be in the moment.  Whatever it is that I do I am just staying there and enjoy it.  Last night for example Jisette (concierge/ cleaning lady/ best friend) and I tore down my massive tree and did a deep spring clean ironically enough into the dark night hours of the winter cold but how refreshing is it to wake up to the smell of Fabulousa, bleach, and the wide open space that miniature Santa Clauses, gifts, garland, strange christmas decor on every counter space, fake snow, and bowls of ball conceal.

I digress– what I am trying to say is that each thing I do– as simple as cleaning up the Christmas decor (something not as simple as it sounds) I am making it my goal to simply be there.  And that all encompassing resolution has of course flooded the gates of the Glam Factory.

I am a firm believer in following your passion.  As most of you know mine of course if being a Makeup Artist–and with that I utilize my artistry in as many areas as it will lead me.  Brides, education, photoshoots, classes, parties– anything and everything Glam is a place where I am following my passion.

Am I saying that I half assed all my trials, photoshoots, etc. in 2011.  Of course not.  Happy brides shoot out of the Glam Factory doors like Chocolate bars off a conveyor belt at the Hersey Factory.

However this week I had a trial with a bride who was a refferal.  She was reffered by my former bride who ended up taking a bunch of classes with me.  Its a domino effect here in the world of Glam.

In any event at this trial I really just let myself go.  Who needs one cheek highlighter when you can have two.  If my brushes were magic wands I felt like the chubby little fairy in sleeping beauty shooting out the full spectrum of fairy dust from my magic wand.  (And I don’t know why they call it dust when it looks like an electric bolt)

That said I feel like the look that I created was an incredible blend of traditional Indian makeup methodologies, fuses with the deeper end of the neutral pallet, balance shades to contour the natural curves of the face, and a golden opalescence to pull out the highest points of the face.  That– with a pouty Jlo tribute lip, cascading Dolce and Gabbana curls,  and WALA– my Masterpiece!

I hope you enjoy the manifestation of my New Years Resolution.



4 thoughts on “Most Gorgeous trial of the week!

  1. Hi Alexa , I’m 18 and just finished high school. I am trying to pursue a carrer in the makeup industry and would appreciate your advice on how to do so. I’m attending Make-up Designory in may. The link that I posted above is my album on facebook that show cases some of my abilities. Also , if there is an internship at the factory please contact me. I am a very dedicated worker and you are an inspiration to me. It would be a dream to work beside you assisting you what ever you need. Thankyou for your time! xoxo

  2. I love the glam fairy and alexa prisco. Every one of the faires especially alexa was my inspiration to become a makeup artist and know i always practice that gorgeous smokey eye


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