My latest video describing The Glam Academy IN DETAIL!!!

I like to get on as many phones calls as possible explaining what the Glam Academy is but my magical fairy powers can only go so far with a four month old and I truly wanted to explain and show through video and photography what an incredible experience the Glam Academy is!

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2 thoughts on “My latest video describing The Glam Academy IN DETAIL!!!

  1. Hey! I love your show, and Alexa, I love you’re look. You don’t have one simple look that just keeps going on being boring, it’s fun and interesting! To be honest I kind of use your style as inspiration and I think I’m going to mention you on my blog. :) Here it is: It might take a couple of days to mention something about you, but I really do love your style. :)

  2. Hi,
    I just happened to watch your glammie barbie makeup video, ( I remember my daughters playing with their Barbie dolls so I can say I am well versed on the Barbie look….) You’ re soo good at what you do. I am a straight guy and of course I don’t use makeup….:-) but I was just very impressed at how easy you make everything sound… and how good you look . You make all your clients look so good. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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