New Batch of Makeup Classes!

A New Semester of Glammy’s Makeup Classes!
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Hello all!  My request for Makeup Classes since Jerseylicious has been outstanding!  I have a new semester of lessons available at a price point that I have never done before.  Why?
1. I want to be able to have weekly students who can learn new tips and tricks each week regularly without breaking the bank!
2. I have an incredible new space that can accommodate a room full of glamazons!

Therefore I will have weekly classes! Tuesday evening’s I will have classes for all of my fabulous women that want to learn how to do makeup on themselves.  Wednesday evenings I will have class for my Makeup Artist’s to be!  The girls with all the makeup that just need to perfect their style!

See below for Class details!

Class Schedule!
Starting weekly Tuesday Oct. 12th at 7pm — “Unleash” Class
This is the class for all of those who wish to unleash their inner glamazon but dont quite have the techniques yet to do so!  You don’t quite know how to use your brushes, you’re unsure of which colors go together– and you are dying to know how to do a smokey eye!  Basically this is the place for women who want to learn how to amp up their every day technique and also learn some fun evening looks.  This class will be super exciting, hands on, and taught with all different methods in order to to make all techniques ingrained.

Starting weekly Wednesday Oct. 13th at 7pm– “MUAAAAA” Glaminar
This is the class for all MUA’S (makeup artist’s).  This is the place where any makeup artist in training can really develop their techniques and fuse their talent with Alexa’s methodology which will bring the artist to a completely new understanding of the raw potential and capacity that “makeup” has.

Cosmetology school rarely goes beyond 8 hours of makeup training– this is the place where there is no cap on how much education a potential makeup artist can have.

These classes are going to be different each and every week– bubbling over with so many topics your head will spin.  Contouring, body glow, scar coverage, tattoo coverage, beauty makeup, macro makeup, tv makeup — everything and anything that the professional makeup artist has in their arsenal of makeup knowledge.

At each class the student will bring a model so that there is no idle time for artist’s (you wont have to work on each other).

All classes are $75 for a two hour class.  With classes traditionally starting at $300 this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

To book your spot in this amazing class please email me at

Save up to $30
If you sign up with a friend save $15 for your own seat.
Book four classes and save $30.00
Offer Expires: 11-01-10


4 thoughts on “New Batch of Makeup Classes!

  1. Alexa,
    First of all i would love to tell you that you are my favorite on the show. You are beautiful and i love your “take no crap” attitude. I live in North Carolina and my bf tells me that i should have been a Jersey girl. He is VERY right. I am contacting you in hopes that you can give me some pointers. I have shoulder length hair and i don’t know what to do with it. Also i sell AVON and have every brush in the world to do my own make-up. I still have problems with my eyes. I have tried over and over to get my make-up to look like yours and am unable to do it. I love the natural look that you have most of the time with your eyes. Is there anything that you can tell me that will make it less stressful to be a beautiful as you.

    Thank you for your time
    Amber from NC

  2. I want to sign up for the “unleash” class. You mentioned we have to bring a model unfortunatly my friends are working at those times so what can be done about that?

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