New Glam Girl In Town! — Carol Senior Artist! — voted Glam Artist of the week!

Hey Glammy Girls!

First things first, I’d like to introduce myself to you all. My name is
Carol and I just joined the Glam Team about 3 months ago. Since then
everything has been moving along wonderfully and has been getting more and
more exciting!! A few Glam girls and I did an amazing photoshoot a little
while ago and we just got the pictures, so be sure to check out the
slideshow video Alexa just posted of our work!

Alexa is currently setting
up another photoshoot that I can’t wait for so look out for those pics as
well! Also, everyone has been coming up with some awesome event ideas that
all you lovely ladies will be invited to as soon as they are finalized, so
stay posted, be excited, and be ready to get Glamified!!! Since joining
the Glam Team its been nothing short of what I had expected it to be.
There is so much to come and we’re all doing it together as a family which
makes it that much better. We’ve recently added 2 more Glam Girls to our
team which I was very happy to hear. I got to meet the ladies and they
were both dolls and a perfect fit to our Glammy Family and I can’t wait to
work with them! I hope all you Glammies had a great holiday and New Year
and make sure to keep checking the site for our updates!! And when those
events do get posted I better see all of your Glammy butts there!

XoXo Carol


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