NJ Makeup School: The Glam Academy– Spring Packages (weekend exclusive)

From now until Sunday March 23rd you can get exclusive savings on The Glam Academy:

Save $200 on Basic

Save $300 on Basic & Senior

Save 10% on any package 100 hours & up: (Basic, Senior, & Masters)

Here is a preview of some of my favorite portfolio images from our most recent Semesters students!

The Glam Academy was literally an idea I had.  I wondered why so many people wouldn’t tell “every” secret when they gave a demonstration on a particular look.  I wondered why there was no place when I started my business that could explain to me all the things that I spent years learning the hard way.  My only goal is to create a place where creative, passionate people with an interest in makeup can not only grow as artists, putting to good use all of their talents (even those outside of makeup), but also a place where I can make people understand that the road doesn’t end at a makeup counter.  They have the ability to be their own boss, pave their own road, and never stop learning or growing as an artist.  The only reason I know this program is a success is because of the immediate results I see in my students when they leave the program.  Students that within months have bustling business’s booked for months out.  It goes without saying that this is all dependent on the individual drive and passion of the student.  However, even with that in mind, I find it amazing just how passionate all of my students are.  Every update I have from Instagram is a testament to the transformative power of this program.  Every post I see from a past student simply demonstrates that your wildest dream can be a very possible reality.

For more information on The Glam Academy please visit our website:

Here you will find course descriptions, dates, certification information, among other details about the program.http://theglamfairy.com/glam-academy-overview.html

Please email us directly at info@theglamfairy.com to secure your seat! (10330)

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