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This page is specifically is dedicated to all the wonderful press opportunities i have been given since the airing of Jerseylicious and The Glam Fairy. These shows have given me the chance to show the world who I am. The shows in and of themselves are such an amazing outlet for me to really let the world see my talent all thanks to Alex Duda Executive Producer, Blake Levin, Kareen Gunning, Chris May, Scott Goldstein, Chris Lamson Senior Producer, and many other wonderful people. The team of Lammy and Glammy will forever be a life changing one. After the show was filmed I had no idea the amount of press, people and opportunities I would come face to face with and these posts below would not have happened at ALL without these people

- Alexa

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The Scoop on Style Network’s ‘Glam Fairy’
A chat with the cast and everything you need to know about the new Style Network show!
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Dana Prigge

Style Network


There’s a sparkling brand-new glitter-infused show that’s most definitely taking the Style Network by storm!“Glam Fairy” which stars Alexa Prisco owner of a thriving NYC/NJ metro-based wedding makeup and beauty business featuring her team of glamorous fairies has been received with rave reviews! The show takes place in a stylish loft space right outside the chic streets of Manhattan in Hoboken, NJ. As seen in the below advertisement, there are quite a few fashionable faces on the show which consists of Alexa and her Glam Squad who perform makeovers on different featured guests each week! The gorgeous, intelligent, talented and savvy cast  have shown us that true talent always will shine through.

Let’s congratulate these fashion & beauty professionals for making their dreams a reality! With all of the negative news going on in the world right now, it’s nice to know I can feel uplifted and also catch a few laughs as the cast of ‘The Glam Fairy’ makes over the world one lucky person at a time. Luckily, I had the opportunity to get the full scoop from the cast directly!

Alexa Prisco, star of The Glam Fairy

Alexa Prisco is the “Glam Fairy” herself.  A veryambitious, strong, powerful businesswoman who created as a place where brides can receive the ultimate in beauty services for their wedding day. Alexa has worked her make-up magic on Playboy models, the hottest celebrity photo-shoots and most sizzling runways. It’s not simply a “makeover”– it is a creation, a true representation of the curves and natural elegance of each bare face she touches. Alexa has the confidence and power to make every woman out there look her ultimate “Glammy” best! Constantly encouraging and guiding her glam squad on ‘Glam Fairy’ Alexa is virtually a walking encyclopedia of make-up knowledge. Some of her favorite brands include MACInglot and Christian Louboutin (of which Alexa owns a coveted red-sole collection).

Hair Fairy, Briella Calafiore
 Briella Calafiore is the “Hair Fairy.” When it comes to the latest hair-styles or the best in color — Briella is without doubt your woman! With her adorable, quirky and fun-loving personality it’s easy to see why everyone adores Briella.  Don’t let her sexy exterior fool you – Briella is also very wise, into positive affirmations and likes to read some pretty deep books!  Some of Briella’s favorite brands are American ApparelCharlotte Russeand she also likes the color red (she’s known to rock the pin-up look, often). This blond bombshell is beauty and brains personified!! Briella’s mother isalso one cool fashionista!

Makeup-fairy, Jessica Romano
 The stunning Jessica Romano has a burning passion for fashion, makeup and everything girlie. Often seen rocking glittering ‘headbands’ combined with a boho-chic look this Glam Fairy certainly has a sense of style all her own. She’ll make certain that you look your absolute best for your next big event. Want to make your “ex” drool with jealousy the next time he sees you? Then, have Jessica do your make-up. She believes in peace, love and pixie dust. Jessica loves to wear headbands in her hair by Dana-Bands and necklaces by Nikkay Fashions in her signature ‘hot pink.’  Jessica is one makeover-fairy that is always #glamming.

Alexa Hand, A2

Alexa Hand – (otherwise known as “A2“) is Alexa Prisco’s “Glammy assistant.” Alexa is a bubbly, hysterical, glamorous girl who loves everything and anything that’s shimmery and beautiful! Alexa always has her nails done up with the latest flirty look — usually consisting of sparkly designs.  This fashionista even gets dressed up when she goes toHome Depot with her dad and believes that life is her runway!

Glam Fairy (n)- A name signifying one who has the capacity to transform a person by waving metaphorical wands thereby releasing a Glamazon.

 The Style Network has ordered ten episodes of “Glam Fairy,” a spin-off of the network’s most-watched and highest-rated series, “Jerseylicious.” Produced by Endemol USA, the new makeover format show takes viewers inside the glittery, high-energy world of makeup artist extraordinaire and “Glam Fairy” herself, Alexa Prisco. After leaving the Gatsby Salon, Alexa establishes a new business headquarters – ‘The Glam Factory’ – to serve as home base where she can showcase her makeover magic and build up clientele. Each fashion and beauty-centered episode will follow Alexa, accompanied by her team of “fairies,” as she takes on new clients and uses her signature New Jersey style to transform women with hot new looks for all kinds of special occasions. The series will premiere this October on Style.

“I’m thrilled that the hit status of ‘Jerseylicious’ has spawned ‘Glam Fairy’ and launched Alexa from a pivotal character in the series to the star of her own makeover show. Her tremendous viewer popularity and extensive expertise make her a natural to continue to sprinkle her fairy dust over more deserving women with her own show,” said Salaam Coleman Smith, President, The Style Network.

“‘Glam Fairy’ is the first exciting spin-off of the growing ‘Jerseylicious’ brand,” said David Goldberg, Chairman of Endemol North America. “Our show’s loyal and growing fan base has obviously responded to Alexa’s talent and vibrant personality, and we couldn’t be happier to extend our partnership with Style for another successful series.”

Alexa Prisco is one of the top on-location airbrush makeup artist in New York and New Jersey, and her “fairies,” including her best friend and client liaison John, and “Jerseylicious” hairstylist Briella, have business booming despite having just opened their new headquarters, ‘The Glam Factory.’ Providing hair, makeup and even photo services to women looking to be glamorous is not an easy task and one Alexa can’t take on by herself so she decides to hire a young new assistant, also named Alexa, who is eager to follow in her glittery footsteps. Dubbed A2, the new assistant looks to be a promising addition to the ‘Glam Fairy’ team and shares Alexa’s vision in taking business to the next level, but will need to earn her position as a reputable fairy.

In the new series, Alexa and her team’s transformations will include a Weight Watchers group who have reached their goal weight and want to celebrate with “after” photos; a group of military wives looking to spice themselves up with retro “pin-up” shots, and a woman who wants to celebrate being 40 and single with a makeover and grand entrance at her “Fab at 40″ birthday party. Each emotional episode culminates in a big reveal showcasing Alexa and her team’s astounding makeovers.

In addition to revealing Alexa’s life-changing makeovers, the series also explores her personal life, including Alexa’s attempt to get her body back in shape when the team signs up for a “glammy boot camp.” Alexa also begins to think about her future family life and explores a variety of options, including freezing her eggs. And in an effort to clear Glam Factory’s spiritual energy, Alexa directs her team to hire a real-life Ghostbusters company.

The premiere of the “Glam Fairy” special on January 30, 2011 drew nearly 250,000 total viewers, which exceeded the time period average by more than +70% thanks to a strong delivery among Women 18-34. The special has gone on to reach over three million total viewers to date. In the special, Alexa showcased her makeover magic on a group of “boring” sorority girls, turning them into total babes by making their beauty on the outside match what’s on the inside.

“Glam Fairy” is produced by Endemol USA for The Style Network. Three-time Emmy winner Alex Duda is theExecutive Producer, joined by Style Executive Producers Sarah Weidman and Merah Chung.

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‘Jerseylicious’ Star Alexa Prisco Blasts New Jersey ‘Housewives’

Alexa Prisco

First Posted: 1/12/12 01:19 PM ET Updated: 1/12/12 04:14 PM ET

“Jerseylicious” star Alexa Prisco has a lot to say when it comes to fellow Jersey girls representing the Garden State. Prisco is dishing out some harsh words for everyone from Snooki to the New Jersey “Housewives.”

“They need an education,” the star of The Style Network’s forthcoming “Glam Fairy” says of the “Jersey Shore” cast. “They need to learn grammar. They need some fundamental understanding of the English language.”

Making the point that it isn’t politically correct to perpetuate stereotypes, Alexa says that when it comes to Jersey, TV executives didn’t get that memo.

“It’s unfair because me and Snooki have nothing in common, nothing,” Alexa tells me on my HDNet show, “Naughty But Nice With Rob.”

However, she saves her harshest criticisms for the ladies on the Jersey edition of “Real Housewives.”

“I can’t even with the Housewives of New Jersey,” Alexa vents. “This is the thing, there are different divisons of hookers, you know what I mean? There are hookers that made the right choice, that got the right guy and got a diamond and got a relationship. Because this is the thing, my shoes, my handbag, I bought them. I didn’t have to have sex with anybody to get them and invest myself in a long term relationship.”

“Naughty But Nice” airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on HDNet.

This page cannot possibly contain all of the amazing press and media attention, so view all of the press click here…

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AOL Style List. Another goodie!!!

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The Record!!! My favorite article yet

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Ok Magazine!!!

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AOL Pop Eaters!

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By a shopping cart near you!

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Be Magazine Feature!!!

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Beauty Bean – Beauty School with Alexa Prisco

Just when you thought you couldnt get enough Glammy– there was a brand new season, new pictures, and a new interview with PROFESSOR Glamster:)

Check it out!

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Inside New Jersey

Hello all so I was super excited to be a part of the latest issue of Inside New Jersey Magazine. Yours Truly got a FABULOUS full page ad! I was wearing head to toe all See Saw Boutique clothing and Jewlery! For all the details on my wardrobe click on the Jerseylicious section of my website!

They also came to See Saw Boutique and captured me shopping with my girl Gina! Here is the video.

Jerseylicious star hits up SeeSaw Fashion Destination for magazine shoot.


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