Record breaking season premiere of Glam Fairy!!

Style Network’s Docu-Series GLAM FAIRY is 2nd Highest Premiere For Network


The Style Network’s premiere of the new makeover docu-series GLAM FAIRY on Sunday at 8:00pm was glamming with Women 18-49 (249,000) and Women 18-34 (140,000), becoming the 2nd highest premiere for the network, after “Tia & Tamera,” according to Nielsen. GLAM FAIRY more than doubled the network’s prior four week primetime average, delivering as much as a +146% increase among Women 18-34 (140,000) and a +133% increase among Women 18-49 (249,000) which led to over a +100% increase in Total Viewers (443,000).

The new makeover format show takes viewers inside the glittery, high-energy world of makeup artist extraordinaire and GLAM FAIRY herself, Alexa Prisco. After leaving the Gatsby Salon, Alexa establishes a new business headquarters – ‘The Glam Factory’ – to serve as home base where she can showcase her makeover magic and build up clientele. Each fashion and beauty-centered episode will follow Alexa, accompanied by her team of “fairies,” as she takes on new clients and uses her signature New Jersey style to transform women with hot new looks for all kinds of special occasions.

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9 thoughts on “Record breaking season premiere of Glam Fairy!!

  1. I am your biggest fan! Im sure you here that all the time lol. I love the whole Glam fairy thing. I just finished cosmotology school and make-up and hair are my life, but I would love to come get my hair done and make -up at your Glam fairy factory! Well keep it glammy

    Yours truly,
    Ashley Kelly

  2. i think you are amazing at what you do for some reason i allways wanted to live in NJ well i allways wanted a chance to go out therebut my mom never had any money well i hope to become a fantastic makeup artist like you alexa

  3. Alexa. You are an amazingly talented girl. You are not just a great make up artist but a great businesswoman. May all of your dreams come true and I wish you the best.

    From Wayne

  4. -Alexa , I love your team sososoosososo much there AMAZING ! You never needed Gayle she was just holding you back but , it really breaks my heart to see that you and Olivia aren’t working together anymore . Go get them :)

  5. Dear Alexa,

    I am a huge fan of your show. I think that your a talented makeup artist. I LOVE the make up i lOVE every thing that you do on the show.

    Love : Toni

  6. Please help…I am soon to be 45, in a 13 irate relationship and desperately in need to regain the “spice” .
    I need your help! Do you ever consider doing pro-bono work on fashionably stuck? PLEASE.

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