9 thoughts on “Rockstars of Glam Photoshoot!

  1. I love your show and i love you your awesome from the very start on jerseylious i new there was somthing very different about you and you needed to have your own show. I love how outgoing you are and you dont hold your tounge back for no one but your personality is the best and your sense of humor i love they comments you make there so funny and its whatever pops of the top of your head lol! i think that you are the cutest thing ever and i love what ya did with your hair girl the show is awsome and your fairies are awsome to! you have inspired me to go back to school for hair and makeup its what i always wanted to do since i was 15 now im 40 but i guess your never to old to start over. maybe one of these days you guys will make it to orlando fl and i can meet you all that would be so awsome. well take care and good luck with the show i will be watching hey maybe you can give me a shout out or talk a lil about that its never to late to start new career for your friend linda here in orlando that would make my year ! holla xoxoxoxo

  2. You know what I really like about this show? The fact that I actually see people doing work. I’m only 15 and I love makeup but I like how you focus on your clients and though there is some drama which every reality show needs, it’s not totally..abrasive, for lack of a better word. I would actually consider going to The Glam Factory (maybe for sweet 16, would you come to Connecticut?). I would never go to the Gatsby salon. The Gatsby seems abhorrent.

  3. The thing that cracks me up is when John and Glammy go at it. But, all in all the people, your styles, and the show I love. I look forward to it every Sunday night :).

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