Sunday-Fun Photo’s of McKayla:)

After a very early wedding this morning (rise and shine at 5 am) my creative juices were still flowing when I came home.  With an “under the weather” hubby (common cold), we kept a day we normally reserve for some sort of small adventure within the walls of our apartment.  And to me I couldn’t think of it as a more perfect time for a mini photo-shoot of McKayla.  I recently upgraded to the Canon 5d Mark II with a 24-70 lens– and while I have used this paired with a ring flash, time and time again for my Glam Academy photoshoot’s– I haven’t really tested its natural light capabilities.  I know ridiculous.  In any event, after many failed attempts I finally found the perfect combination of settings to show off my daughters gorgeous blue eyes.  Granted I am no Timothy White– but I think these are pretty good for my first venture with this camera and lens in natural light.  Enjoy!


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