The Pink and Black Tie Gala– American Cancer Society

I recently attended the Pink and Black Tie Gala with my good friend who also performed at the event– Tina Sugandh.  It was simply spectacular!  This is the third cancer awareness event I have participated in this month and its really a double edged sword– there is so much sadness surrounded by what cancer does both physically and to the human psyche– however through all these events I have heard such uplifting and inspiring survival stories!  It literally takes the wind out of you when you hear a young girl with a rare form of cancer that left her with little to no jaw have the courage to stand up in front of nearly 500 people and talk about what the American Cancer Society Camp has does for her spirit.  Putting life into perspective is almost selfish because you can’t help but to just not “feel bad for” but pray with and support these amazing people who have overcome something that can really give you no specific answer.  All we can do is pray and hope that one day it will just go away… go away cancer– like the song Snake Charmer say– Tina dedicated it to her mom who passed from cancer just over a year ago.  I have had cancer in my family, my own personal scares, and having the ability to support these causes in anyway I can means alot to me.

At this lavish event I met so many different people however the person who ran this event also happen to be my idol!  Stacy London!  Here are a few pictures from Stacy and I at the Gala.  This was truly a star studded event– From Alex from the housewives of NY, Carmindy!!!!  MUA for “What not to wear!” and so many other I was in my own little glam heaven.

Also a special thanks to Miche bag! who gave me two fabulous purses!  Here are some pics of this spectacular event!