Glam Academy Semester 5: Fall Photoshoot

We are now in the final days of fifth semester of The Glam Academy.  One of the first shoots for the Senior portion of the program focuses on all of the beautiful jewel tones in both fabric and makeup trending whenever the leaves turn crispy and golden.  With eyes having an ombre effect of deep to light bronzes, cheeks “flush” with color isolated on the apples, and deep wine glossy lips– these looks show the students artistic ability to stay relevant to what is trending while still preserving a timeless nature of the composition as a whole.  These photo’s are my favorite of each photoshoot.  Enjoy!

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Glam Academy 5 dates are officially out!

With our summer semester completely booked and at capacity in addition to a huge demand for this program– The Glam Academy has now released its fifth semester of dates!

After three extremely successful semesters of transforming people at all different stages of artistry into strong artists and entrepreneur’s we proudly go into our completely booked fourth semester beginning in August!

Our summer semester (now closed) with students coming from all over the east coast has reassured us in our ability to introduce people to their own true capacity.  By showing people that something that once was a dream is something absolutely possible– by giving people the tools to go beyond their own expectations of themselves, by truly fusing the artist and the entrepreneur we KNOW that if people take in all that the Glam Academy has to offer they will be successful business owners that can absolutely control their own destiny.  We can only give you the tools, the vehicle so to speak– your own drive, motivation, and passion is the only thing that can fuel it.

Our sponsorships and affiliations leave the students with an experience unparalleled by any other program– from new models for every look, to photo shoots of every lab personally taken by Alexa showing the true journey of your artistry, to limo rides throughout the city taking students to private demonstrations by the top artists in NYC, education throughout the semester that allows you to leave the Academy with a working business– these are only a few of the many experiences that make the Glam Academy such an incredibly unique take on what transforming a person into a successful makeup artist is.

We put you in the control seat of your future allowing you to not only reach your dreams but go beyond them.

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Corrected Payment form for January classes

To register for any of the January classes you can submit your payment via paypal below.  email us at if you have any questions!

Dates of Classes



(Glam Fairy Makeup Classes)

Definition: Glammysessions are weekly classes administered by Alexa “The Glam Fairy” where she teaches all her tips and tricks to those wishing to unleash their inner glamazon or have the capacity to unleash others.

When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7pm
Where: The Monroe Art’s Center Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken NJ Fourth Floor Suite E410
Why: My request for Classes since Jerseylicious has been outstanding! I have a new semester of Glammysessions’s available at a price point that I have never done before. Why?
1. I want to be able to have weekly students who can learn new tips and tricks each week regularly without breaking the bank!
2. I have an incredible new space that can accommodate a room full of glamazons!

Therefore I will have weekly Glammysessions! Tuesday evening’s I will have classes for all of my fabulous women that want to learn how to do makeup on themselves. Wednesday evenings I will have class for my Makeup Artist’s to be! The girls with all the makeup that just need to perfect their style!

See below for Group Class details!


Type of class Price
Two hour weekly lesson 75 one person – $15 off if you book with a friend
GLAMMYSESSION– The Makeup Lab 350


UNLEASH Glaminar
This is the Glaminar for all of those who wish to unleash their inner glamazon but dont quite have the techniques yet to do so! You don’t quite know how to use your brushes, you’re unsure of which colors go together– and you are dying to know how to do a smokey eye! Basically this is the place for women who want to learn how to amp up their every day technique and also learn some fun evening looks. This class will be super exciting, hands on, and taught with all different methods in order to to make all techniques ingrained.

MUAAAA Glaminar
This is the Glaminar for all MUA’S (makeup artist’s). This is the place where any makeup artist in training can really develop their techniques and fuse their talent with Alexa’s methodology which will bring the artist to a completely new understanding of the raw potential and capacity that “makeup” has.

Cosmetology school rarely goes beyond 8 hours of makeup training– this is the place where there is no cap on how much education a potential makeup artist can have.

These classes are going to be different each and every week– bubbling over with so many topics your head will spin. Contouring, body glow, scar coverage, tattoo coverage, beauty makeup, macro makeup, tv makeup — everything and anything that the professional makeup artist has in their arsenal of makeup knowledge.

At each class the student will bring a model so that there is no idle time for artist’s (you wont have to work on each other).

DATE  ————— Kind of Class ——–       TOPIC

01-11-11  Tuesday          Unleash          ——–      Red Carpet Makeup—Party Makeup—Beyond photogenic
01-12-11 Wednesday    MUAAA         ——–     Special ocassion makeup—how to make your client sparkle
01-18-11 Tuesday          Unleash         ——–    Sexy smokey eyes
01-19-11 Wednesday   MUAAAA       ——-      Classic Bridal Makeup– Airbrush
01-25-11 Tuesday          Unleash         ——-      The Kim K look
01-26-11 Wednesday    MUAAA        ——–     The sexy vixen bride—the bride who doesn’t want to be traditional

01-30-11 Sunday    10-4 six hour glam session      $350 The Makeup Lab Several looks – voted by the class that day incorporating airbrush makeup, lashes

How do I reserve my seat?
To book your seat at this glammysession simply pay via paypal to reserve your spot and your receipt will hold the day. In pay pal I have options for different dates, class types, and whether or not you are booking with a friend.

Regular classes are $75 for a two hour class. With classes traditionally starting at $350 this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

If you would like to purchase seats for multiple classes please purchase each class separately.

To reserve your seat please see the blog below to submit your payment via paypal. The latest entry has all of the payment info.

What do I need at the Glammysession?
For both of the Glammysessions you will need all of your makeup supplies, a notebook, and something to write with. If you are taking the regular class please come with a clean face with an extra layer of moisturizer.
If you are signing up for the mua class please bring a model with you.

Private lessons
Do you want to determine the pace of the class? Do the classes above not fit into your schedule? Well you do have the option of a private lesson. Email me directly at to reserve a private lesson.

Private lesson Pricing
(ONE TIME )Two hour private lesson $300
Two- 2 hour private lessons $550
Three- 2 hour private lessons $825
Four- 2 hour private lesson $1100 (8360)

Sign out for new date block of Glammy — Alexa’s make up classes!!

Below we have our secure method for securing your seats for upcoming Glammy sessions. Tuesday nights are for that very special Glamazon that wants to learn how to do her own make up. Wednesday nights are for those makeup artists that wants that want to fuse their techniques with Miss Glammy’s explosively creative methods. Both of these classes are completely hands on, and will change the way you see make up, no matter if you are a student or a MUA. Please email me at if you have any questions about booking your seat. Your reciept will reserve your seat at the class.

Class Options


Nov. 14th Makeup Lab


Reserve your seat at your makeup class of choice via paypal

Number of Seats


Number of Seats