The best day of my life!

Sooooo Thursday I am at bumble and bumble getting my hair did and I knew there were two louby boutiques in the city and since I have banned neimans I decided I would take a little joy trip after my fun at bumble and see what kind of pieces they have. Sooooo I call uptown they close at 6 i call downtown they close at 7. I get out of my hair at 6 obv. cant go uptown so i take a cab and head on downtown. Mind you… in a closet full of fendi, ysl, manolo, sergio rossi etc. SOMETHING told me to wear my loubys todayy???? in this cold weather??? weird. SOOOOOO I go downtown take my alta di noda dorsia pump pop it outside the cab and there I am in front of the Christian Louboutin Boutique. I squint my eyes…. OH no i cant be. Five people in the store… one of them lying on the couch… OMG IS THAT CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN??? I almost HIT the floor when I walked in… I was talking to him the ENITRE time. We took these crazy pics below. HUGO his business partner and head designer was there who designed the one pair i got there there is ONLY one of in the whole damn world!!!! He told me they were “made for me” Thennn christian picks my second pair tells me I have “the most beautiful light pink skin ever” and that I must get these!!! He signs my loubys To Glammy Love Christian Louboutin! THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!


2 thoughts on “The best day of my life!

  1. OMG!! Dont own one yet but on my way girl good for you love you in jerseylicious just watched it and my first time on your site. Love it keep up the good work and take care <3

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