Tina Sugandh — makeup and hair by Glammy:)

Hey guys!

What a fabulous day! Today I did full airbrush makeup and hair on Tina Sugandh for a Katy Perry red carpet premier and a Reuters interview:) Here are some of the pics. Tina was AMMMMMAZING to work with! Such a sweet person, fabulous positive energy and really let me do my full blown Glamazon trademark look on her! Take a look
I am pleased to announce that I will also be doing her makeup this coming Monday for her upcoming music video “Bollywood Girl”
ALSO to further recap on my fabu week Yesterday (Wednesday) I met Joelle, Jess, and Jordana the hosts of “on the verge” an upcoming TV show for Planet Verge at Posche Boutique for they’re style session with Miss Kimmy:) We took awesome pictures, figured out fabu looks for the pictures introducing them in the TV show, and really captured each host’s personality in the clothing they selected. We also talked about some of the awesome most top secret places we are gonna shoot:) :) :) Of course pics to come!
And Last but not least– I finally have “The Glam Cam” which is full blown webisodes about all those makeup questions you have sizzling in your brain anddd other fun topics which may be irrelevant to makeup– but nonetheless still considered “Glammy Juice”
Please take a look at my first Webisode– conveniently divided into four sub sections cause I am a blabber mouth and youtube cuts you off at 10 minutes http://www.youtube.com/theglamfairy
Let me know your thoughts guys!


2 thoughts on “Tina Sugandh — makeup and hair by Glammy:)

  1. Dear Alexa Can you give me a tip on to do beautiful natural makeup. Im 11 and Im going to a dance with a special friend. Also how can I make that beautiful jersey look. You’re awesome and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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