Women bled themselves in the 1400’s for a "paler" look?

Yes, I’ts true!  And the reason you see so many different colors is because they are simply adjusting the percentage of Red, Yellow, and Blue and adding white or black to create various tints and shades?

Its true!  All makeup is not made the same.  You can have three matte eyeshadows in the same color and one thing that determines the potency of that color is the PSI (particle per square inch).  The PSI is determined by how long it’s kept in the mill (the coffee grinder thing).  What even cooler is that MAC pioneered the Jet Mill (super fast grinder) that gets the particles as small as possible.  They launched it as “Veluxe” which was originally only available in Matte finish, however they very quickly realized the full potential of the machine and now put every finish imaginable in the Jet Mill. 

Yes!  It’s called the “set” time.  That creamy glide on texture doesn’t last for long, so smoke it out while you can!  Liners can lock in anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  Typically anything that is advertised as “long wearing” or “budge proof” means that bad boy is shutting down shop and quick!

Yeparu!  It’s called a “Pressure Clamp.”  Better brushes will typically have very deep indents where the metal part (the clamp) meets the stick part (the stem) and where the metal part (the clamp) meets the bristols.  Of course they use a little glue but if the dent is deep enough, be rest assured those precious bristols are being held in tact with pressure!  So banging them against your dresser to flick off excess powder distorts the pressure in the clamp and loosens the bristols!  I always say, “hold the brush like its an infection, between your thumb and pointer and flick against your ring finger!

There is no legal definition of Cruelty Free.  So many companies live in the grey area.  As an animal lover hearing words like “finished product” and “cruelty free” make me cringe.  “Finished Product” means that the company selling it didn’t directly hurt any animals in their own assembly of the product, however it does NOT mean that the ingredients used to create that product were “cruelty free”.  Many makeup companies have parts of their products created in Britain where animal rights laws have less “rights” to the animals, allowing them to make that ingredient in a way that would be considered illegal here in the states.  So what they are doing there must be horrible since here its perfectly legal and common (in makeup testing) to force feed a rat pure makeup for two months and then slaughter it.  Or shave a bunny, and rub endless cosmetics into its freshly shaved skin to test allergic followed by killing both the animal and any babies its carrying to see the effects the endless torture had on internal organs.  All in the name of beauty right?  If this is hard to read imagine living it.

Its very difficult to find a product line completely dedicated to the welfare of animals.  So do your research.  And make sure your long lashes don’t require mascara being rubbed across a rabbits eyeball, or even worse, the entire rabbit.

The one company that I have not gone a day without using is OCC Cosmetics.  They are entirely vegan and have nothing to do with animals.  Their products put you in the control seat of your art, giving you access to pure color, pigment, and mixing medium, which allows you to be your own GLAMOLOGIST! (3700)

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