Your Future At The Glam Academy

If you’re serious about becoming a makeup artist then there’s something you need to do immediately and that is — apply for the Summer Glam Academy. The Summer dates have already been listed and seats will be filled before you know it.

The Glam Academy is guaranteed a course like you’ve never heard of. Students learn to master their craft, develop their uniqueness and really build their business. As a Glam Academy student here are just some of the benefits you will have:

  • Work on actual models instead of wasting time applying makeup on each other.
  • Have professional photos taken, by Alexa herself,  of your work allowing you to have an impressive portfolio immediately.
  • Learn to direct photo shoots and style your models.
  • Learn how to grow a business, build a brand and work with different types of clients.
  • Develop networking skills important to succeed.
Oh and not to mention Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is the official sponsor of the Glam Academy and you get to work with their amazing products! All students receive a semi-kit to get started.
At the end of the course you will have all the necessary tools to start your career as a makeup artist. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up today by emailing and get your career started.


3 thoughts on “Your Future At The Glam Academy

  1. sounds awesome– how much does the course cost? do you have to have some experience or are there different levels? how many times a week or month do you have to attend (if you’re out of state) Do you have any online courses?

  2. i cant seem to send you an email but i am 17 years old and im an trying to become a fashion desginer / hair stylest/ make up artist. and i would love if any of you could look at some of my work and give me feed back ( the only thing i have to show you at the moment is fashion) if you would like to give me feed back just email me at and ill send you some of my work .. please and thank you

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