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Alexa Prisco's understanding of shadow and light, color, and the ability to truly transform a canvas did not come from a class room. It is something in her blood. Daughter of world famous artist Betsy Brown-- Alexa started painting at a very young age. Next to Betsy's table was Alexa's tiny painting table where she turned out just as many paintings as her mom-- day after day.


It's 29 years later and these two worlds have collided. This mother and daughter team realized that they do in fact share the same lens in which they view the world. After a full season of photo shoots, Alexa shared some of her favorite pictures with her mom, after a signature light bulb moment Betsy immediately started transforming one of Alexa's favorite pin up pictures of A2 into a painting.


With the use of negative space, fine glazes, glow and trademark luminescent techniques - B. Brown's artwork is a true translation of two people, two artists, that not only understand at the deepest level one another's artwork, but how the merging of the two is nothing short of a masterpiece.


So now, as a division of Glammypuss Photo, any who have been graced by Alexa's lens have the ability to transformed by Betsy's brushes. This can be added to any package at any time. Whether you have previous done a photoshoot and feel like transforming one of your favorite pictures or you want your painting started immediately after your shoot — this is a service for all past, present and future Glammypuss Gals. What a better way to celebrate your unleashed Glamazon forever.

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