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The Glam Fairy New Jersey, star of The Glam Fairy and Jerseylicious TV

The Glam Fairy, Alexa Prisco, featured on both Style Network’s Jerseylicious and star of the Glam Fairy show, is simply not just a makeup artist. Specializing in bridal makeup, airbrush cosmetics, makeup education, photography, art, hairstyling, and the fundamental understanding of how these components fuse together make The Glam Fairy who and what she is.

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Alexa and her squad of Glam Fairies are armored with all the tools of the trade for nearly any situation that requires a swish of her fairy wand. Whether it be a sexy boudoir photoshoot for your hubby who forgot just what a glamazon you are, a struggling makeup artist in dire need of a smokey eye to add to a service menu, a makeup junkie with all the brushes and no clue where to start, a bride that either wants to look more natural than a Neutragena commercial or sexier than an extra in a Van Halen video— The Glam Fairy is the one stop shop for all your needs.

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The Glam Fairy DresserAfter expanding her business into many divisions such as Glamology, Glammypuss PhotoThe Glam Fairy AcademyBridal Makeup, etc. we now have an official Glam Fairy Headquarters to call our home, namely, The Glam Factory.

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Located in the heart of Hoboken NJ—The Glam Factory is where Alexa and her fairy squad can transform anyone into the startlet of the dreams.

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There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists. One is something that is taught, something that is generic, something that is predictable. The other, the artist, is one rooted by their talent. Artists are not confined by clichés, format or figure. Their one and only law is to be a slave to passion and talent.

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  1. Hi! i am going into high school in a few weeks and i am attending the homecoming dance. the only problem is my hair is short and i have no idea what style i want it. any ideas?

  2. Alexa. I think you Rock. You are such an amazing personality and I think you are the best at what you do. Oh and let Jon Kutlu know A very handsome man says “how you dooin” to him ;) lol
    Good luck with all you do and keep up the great work !!

  3. Hey Alexa, I’m Koketso from South Africa, I just wanna let u know that I adore your work and speak very well, your command to English language is on point. I’m just crazy about you, your the heart of Jersylicios

  4. HI Alexis!!!! When I get married, (my fiance’ is unfortunately incarcerated on a 2nd degree murder charge and has 8 years left), I hope to seek you out to do my makeup and hair. My fiance’ has a relatively famous case so if the press shows up I want to look great for the camera. I love you and think you are beautiful and adorable.

  5. alexa i love you me encanta jerselicious y tu trabajo esta imcreible ojal pudiera tener la oportundad de que me enseñaras como a olivia bye sexy.

  6. Hi Alexa! Just wanted to say I love you and your glam fairy business! Your one of my favorites on Jerseylicious and I’d have to say your a golden goddess who knows what shes doing!! What I really wanted to know is what makeup school did you attend in LA? I just graduated from one of the Aveda Institutes for Esthiology and I want to become a makeup artist. I’d really appreciate it if you contact me back!! :) love you!!

  7. I love the glam factory and the fairies. I live in Portage, Michigan and would love to get a glam shot and a photo of me at the glam factory some day. I think your idea for the Glam Factory was the best!!!!

  8. Ciao,
    sono italiana. Abito in provincia di Pisa. Mi sono iscritta al Vostro sito da poco perche’ vi seguo su “E Enterteinment”. Ho studiato l’inglese ma ho difficolta’ a leggere sul Vostro sito.
    Perche’ non impostate la traduzione?
    Con affetto

  9. Hi Alexa… I heard about your wonderful photoshoots. I would love to get some done eventually… I just need a little more details:)

  10. Dear Alexa, I was speaking to your Dad Pete about Jerseylicious. I am 55 yrs. old and I told him that it was my favorite show and he thought I was pulling his leg.. You see your Dad has been a customer at my deli in Staten Island for the past 35 yrs. He came in the other day he told me that his daughter is on T.V.. I said what show and he told me Jerseylicious and he did not believe me. I told him about some of the episodes and he finally believed I was not pulling his leg. Your Dad teaches music down the block from me. I hope you stop at the deli w/ him some day so I can take a picture w/ you and put it on the wall of fame at the deli. Mario Ariemma

  11. Dear Alexa,
    I have been watching Jerseylicious since it came out! I am sixteen years old and this year for prom it would mean the world to me if I had an appointment with you for my makeup. I love the makeup you do, so chique! Please get back to me, I would greatly appreciate it!! Love you glam fairy!!

  12. LOVEE your show and you, you are my inspiration and hopefully i will be just as awesome as you in my beauty career. i want to know in the worst way WHERE DID YOU GET THAT WHITE BOW BLAZER, OR WHAT BRAND IS IT? IT IS SO CUTEE!! e-mail be back please, i’m dying to know.

  13. I absoulutley love Jersylicious and The Glam Fairy but I feel like now that you have your own show that you dont feel as pressured by the other people from Gatsbythat we can see the even more fun side of you and thats why lots of people love you.

    -Love Stephanie

  14. OH and I have REALLY REALLY thick hair and i was wondering what products should i use to keep my hair straight non-frizzy and soft for a long period of time thnx Stephanie

  15. Hi Alexa
    My name is Sammi. Im a big fan of your show but I just wanted to ask for some tips on the smokey eye and curling your own hair . Im a teen mom and dont have time to spend hours on my make-up and doing my hair. What are some ways to do my hair quick and easy ?
    thank you!!

  16. Hi Alexa my name is Toni . I love your make up designs. I think they are so…… pretty. I am a huge fan of your show. I have a question about make up. How do you do the smoky eye so… perfect ? tell the glaim fairy squad that i said hi.

    thank you so…. much

    from Toni :)

  17. P.S.
    Also ask Glamoe where does he get those oufit’s because i am dying to get those designs. Ask him if he makes them himself

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! <3

    your the best <3

    from your number one fan


  18. Also i really want to meet you so bad .

    and i know u kinda don’t like kids i am 10 years old and i am not like those crazy kids i am actually normal not crazy

    i hope i will meet u one day peace out

  19. Hi Alexa, I think you are an amazing person and an amazing artist! Everything you do is from the bottom of your heart so it reflects beauty. It’s a shame that I live in the U.K but I do watch your show every week! I wish one day I can come to you for some make up tips! Oh, is it possible to show some tips of how to do a smoky eye on Asian girls in your show? I’m pale for Asians but sometimes if I overdo my smoky eyes can be very scary! Thank you! Lots of love!

  20. Alexa, i have been watching you and your work since jersylious. I am really interested in having some pictures taken of me and my son, when he arrives in April of 2012. I was just wondering do you have any packages under $500, or are the ones on your site the only ones you have available.

  21. I love watching the Glam Fairy, but sometimes it’s over the top (sometimes in a good way). Alexa, u always get your clients to step out of their comfort zone and i think you need to take your own advice when dealing with your boyfriend. When u love someone and move in with one another u have to make that person feel like its their place as well.

  22. Hi Guys,

    I live in Sydney Australia and we get the show over here!! I love it!

    Looking forward to seeing more!

    You guys ROCK!


  23. Thanks , I have just been searching for information approximately this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered till now. However, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure about the supply?

  24. Alexa, just had to stop by and say simply that the make-up that you do is the best I have ever seen! Everytime I watch Jerseylicious, and I see the art you create, I’m in awe. Keep it up!!

  25. hey i love you guys soooo much
    i watch your show every weekend
    because of you guy i really want to open up my own salon
    you guy made me fall in love with makeup and hair even more than i did before which is a hard thing to do considering i love both makeup and hair.
    you will probally see me one day cause i go to NJ at least 1 or 2 time a year
    have a nice day

  26. I just want to say I am glad you made it and I hope you can have a day where you pick one of us to meet and spend the whole day with. That would be one of my dreams, to learn something new by you in person. I have prior education in beauty school and makeup (just a little about my self) thanks for reading and maybe you will e-mail me to come meet you, when you have some time. Congradulations on your baby girl! Just what you need to work with you :0)

  27. hey Alexa I think u r just amazing and such a good role model for girls who want to make it big in the business world !!!! obsessed with how u do make-up its just fantastic I try all the time to get it the way u do!
    you are so talented.. I love watching glam fairy!


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