Say Cheese-ball!


One thought on “Say Cheese-ball!

  1. I would really like to voice how much I love the glam fairy website it is amazing and so creative and beautiful!!!! love it love it! I am from England and found out about alexa’s amazing talent by watching the jerserylicious series on itvbe!!! wow I have to say I am inspired by the beautiful work and the passion Alexa has. Furthermore, as a contemporary and fine arts graduate I feel I totally can relate to the artistic enthusiasm Alexa has behind her work it is clear when watching Alexa on the jerserylicious tv episodes that she is very educated whilst being creative and there is so much more depth that goes into her work than regular makeup artists. I feel I can totally relate to Alexa not only because of my understanding and love of the art world but because I am a huge makeup fan (I could not live with out makeup!!!) and I also am a mum and I love the glammy mommy blog you have. Basically Alexa you are an amazing inspiration and I am huge huge fan an dim so happy I got the honour of discovering your talent!!!

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