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The Glam Academy is a program that simultaneously builds and eventually fuses the makeup artist and the entrepreneur.  With this unique combination— the focused and applied student will leave the program with a working business.  By giving over 10x the required hours of makeup education of our state cosmetology programs—Alexa prides herself in having no affiliation with the state or its standards in training a makeup artist.  With that—we certify our students based on our own criteria, which undoubtedly surpasses the states requirements.

I designed the Glam Academy out of nothing short of necessity.  There are thousand of makeup schools that build you from an artistic standpoint but give you no tools on how to apply that artistry in the real world.  I wanted to create a place-- an arsenal of information so to speak-- a one-stop shop for everything I wish I had when I started my business.  Everything I learned-- I learned the hard way.  I had to do endless bridal shows to know which ones worked and which ones didn’t. I had to have enough brides cancel on me to learn that I needed contracts.  I had taught myself things out of necessity—Photoshop, C-Panel, legal contract writing, operating a ring flash, organic SEO—these were things I couldn’t afford to out-source.  I knew that the more I learned different skill sets, the less I had to pay someone else for their “expertise.”  I call the “umbrella effect.” -- Alexa Prisco

Alexa Prisco

Owner and Principle Educator

Our Makeup School, The Glam Academy, teaches makeup artistry through the fundamental elements of fine art, producing strong, detailed, and humble Artists, defined, not confined, by Makeup as a Medium.

Our Course Syllabus, seemingly extensive, just scratches the surface of the comprehensive education provided in The Glam Academy. 

Our program is taught through a purely artistic lens using un-touched methodologies (almost a hybrid of a makeup and art course) to physically and visually understand the capacity of makeup as a medium.

Makeup Artistry is a title rarely associated with the spectrum of Artist’s defined by their medium, (watercolor painter, oil painter, sculptor etc.) The Makeup Artist, at least in our world, is an Artist working with makeup as a medium. This allows us to use the universal laws and elements of art that any other medium would use to justify their decisions. We typically understand makeup through the dominant female role in our life, either accepting, or rebelling against what this person has deemed to be a “truth”.

Once we can isolate and identify what is fact and what is preference, we can remove the filter in front of our eyes and approach the world of makeup artistry with a much wider artistic range and capacity not hindered by “preference”.  -- Alexa Prisco

Glam AcademyThe Glam Fairy Certification program

Basic & Senior Course Overview: 

Our Basic and Senior program is our primary program of The Glam Academy.  

We also have a Masters Program exclusive to the graduates of the Senior program.  We offer the course throughout the year in different formats.  The standard format of the program is two days a week (mostly on weekends) spanning over the course of 5-6 weeks.   However, to accommodate the large percentage of students coming from out of state, we implemented an "intensive" version of The Glam Academy, where the students are able to complete the course in two successive weeks.  

We also now offer day long Workshops for both "Glam Me" girls (those who want to perfect makeup on themselves) and MUA's.


Basic Portion-- 40 hours

The basic course is well beyond “basic” and although it is seemingly short, the students leave officially transformed. Through a combination of artistic and business skill sets— this will leave both the student who knows nothing about makeup and the makeup artist looking to refine their skills feeling equally impacted. In this portion of the program—we change the way people see makeup. It is through this now broken filter that the individual can see various techniques and tools as a skeleton and template to apply endless versions and combinations.  Students receive a Makeup Kit & Brushes.

Basic and Senior—90 hours

The senior level is for students that have gone through all of the fundamentals’, but want to go the extra mile. This student truly wants to enhance their portfolio with images that show a wide range of work and their ability to cater to a variety of clients and needs.
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 This course is about perfecting technique and smoothing the bridge between the program and the students own business. With both basic and senior– the student is given work well beyond their time at the program to build their artistry and business. It is through these small collective steps that the student eventually has their own working business. Students Receive a Makeup Kit, Brushes, and an Airbrush Machine.


Educational Process

We start by changing the way the student sees makeup through an engaging and thought provoking classroom environment.  Sprinkled with activities to introduce the student to their own capacity as an individual—it is these very critical days that change the lens the student views both makeup and its new impact on their lives.

With a newfound knowledge– the student goes into what is a called a “Lab.”  A lab is where the students are able to take the education they have learned and apply these new skill sets to their artistry.  Each lab is different and is based on a particular look that is the focus of the day; a “theme” if you will.  Each look is based on allowing the student to explore a range of techniques and styles that will ultimately be a testament to their independent range as an artist.  We bring in a variety of models so that students have new fresh faces to work on each time.  Not only does this keep the time in the classroom concentrated (students never waste time working on each other) but gives an incredible amount of variety to the students portfolio.  Before the lab, Alexa gives the framework for the look by doing a demonstration or “demo” (where a makeup artist demonstrates a complete look) on a model.  By taking the “look” and dissecting it down to a technical level, revealing all of the processes with thorough and detailed explanation and demo– the student is able to visually see the entire formula and construction.  During the demo we provide the students with demo outlines that allow them to create their own roadmap for the respective look so they have a point of reference during the lab.

Of course each student’s “signature” flair will eventually be recognizable across various looks.  However, before they reach a place where they are taking creative control, it is extremely important that they are able to translate these very common “looks” in the makeup world.  Its a simple as pastry– learn how to bake a red velvet cake properly before you worry about the rosettes in the frosting.  The same for makeup– learn the principle techniques guided by shadow and light before you create variations of them.

Many artists are notorious for one particular look.  And while that may be wonderful for all of the clients that are looking for that precise combo, it limits that artist to a world of clients.  Many clients view an artist’s own makeup as a reflection of their actual artistic range.  By having actual images that shows an artists ability to translate not just one, but any look, they are opening themselves up to a much wider range of clientele.

For every lab, Alexa shoots the models with the same lighting equipment used for magazine covers.  We try in every way to simulate the real work.  By having a full blown photoshoot for every lab– we are able to see if the work rises up to the standards of modern technology.  More simply– is the makeup fighting against, or working with the photo?

Also we try to make the students understand that their responsibility as artists is beyond the face.  The more they understand that they are creating a composition the more they want to take ownership of all the areas that will make their portfolio image complete.  Whether its perfecting the hair, adding jewelry, using wardrobe that doesn’t clash with the background, etc.– the artist is only increasing their value in the real world.  Not to mention how wonderful they feel when they look at en entire image and feel a sense of ownership in everything– the pose, the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup, the set etc.

By having each lab end with a photoshoot– the student not only has incredible images for their portfolio, but can truly see the transition of their work throughout the semester.
As the student is soaking in the world of makeup they are also slowly being introduced to a variety of tools to develop them individually into their own business.  With small achievable steps discouragement is never an issue.  By making these steps “homework” assignments– the work required of the individual is not left at the Academy and requires them to continually work both on their artistry and their business.  As a result, the student that leaves the program is a byproduct of not only the hours exclusive to the program, but all the time in between where they were able to build and perfect their artistry and business.

Course Syllabus

What you Can expect to learn



Basic & Senior

Canvas: The Skull

   Understanding bones, shapes, and the major impact on our perception of a face.

Shadow and Light

   Understanding & Recreating the patterns of shadow and light.

   Understanding the range of shadows.

Filtering out the Facts

   Identifying facts from preference and what universal scale can allow your artistry to be objective.

How Makeup is Created


   Color Theory

   Product Behavior: The range of shadows, bronzers, blushes, and powders and the properties respective to universal formulations.

Color Theory

   Its impact on how a color is created.

   Identifying a color’s base.


   How brushes are made

   Understanding the range of properties specific to any given brush.

   Brush Technique




What identifies a foundation?




   Chemical composition

   Good and bad Chemical reactions

   Identifying and diagnosing foundation.

   Several Slabs to materialize a visual understanding of all criteria that distinguishes foundation


   Moving Light and it’s impact on a face

Your Palette

   Understanding and categorizing the full range of product categories and what features are specific to universal characteristics of makeup


   How to properly sanitize your makeup and brushes


   Understanding the natural placement of eyebrows and how to use that as a platform for various fills.

Contouring Intro

   An introduction to methodologies used to Contour the face and body.


Skeleton Looks

Understanding universal looks and deviations.

 Business Skills

   Branding Introduction

   Slabs to zoom in on your overall Brand

   General Social Media

   Target Markets


Natural Look: “Sun-kissed Bronze”

   Demo, Lab & Studio

Lash Lab

   Learning how to properly apply lashes symmetrically and flawlessly.



Bridal Look: “Modern B”

   Demo, Lab & Studio

   Lip Precision

Smokey Look: Rocker

   Demo, Lab & Studio

Airbrush 101 Extravaganza

   The history of airbrush

   What airbrushing is?

   The properties of airbrush foundation

   Understanding your machine

   Taking apart your machine

   Using the gun and creating a range of effects

   Slab: Creating a clean even layer

   Body Airbrush

   Working on top of airbrush

   Airbrushing blush, bronzer, glow, contour, etc.

   Slab & Lab


Tattoo & Scar Coverage

   Learning the various methods to cover scars and tattoos and how to create a finish consistent with HD requirements.



Advanced Contouring

   Carving the face and body with symmetry and precision. 

   Contouring with:

·       Airbrush

·       Powder

·       Foundation

·       Pencils

·       Eyeshadow


Vintage Makeup—Hello Marilyn

   An airbrushed vintage glam look

   Demo, Lab & Studio


Celebrity Reduplication—“Editorial”

   “The Works” a lab that will allow you to fuse together all of your skill sets into one fabulous look.

   Dissecting a famous photograph and extracting specific techniques.

   Demo, Lab & Studio


Adaptation & Translation

   Creating a look specific to a clients needs

   Demo, Lab & Studio


Glam-Me Billboard

   A Dissected makeover where Alexa creates a look on herself while students follow step by step in mirrors on themselves.

   Demo, Lab & Studio



   A final test of the students ability to understand shadow and light and it’s impact on an image by re-creating a specific magazine cover.


Business Development

   Sensitivity to Launch

   Specific Targeted Social Media

   Other Platforms

   Organizational and Integrated Services for daily business


   Print Work

   Service Menu


   Contract Writing

   Confirmation Procedures

   Client interaction strategies

   Search Engine Optimization

   Using free resources to create a comprehensive web presence

   How to file your taxes properly

   Ways to accept payment


Certified Glam

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