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Alexa Prisco

Gmaorous Alexa Prisco the Glam FairyChief makeup artist and owner

Alexa Prisco was not taught what is visually pleasing-- its something she simply just knows. Daughter of Betsy Brown, world famous artist and Peter Prisco, noted Jazz guitarist -- Alexa grew up in an environment that not only catered to, but demanded the stimulation of her talent and imagination. She has been painting and drawing for her entire life. Even as a child the tiny fairy was giving makeovers to any with a clean face. As a dancer of fifteen years, Alexa was constantly doing theatre and light responsive makeup-- ensuring that her and all her team members had not only flawless performances...but faces to match.


There is a sense, in any genre of talent, where the master and its piece are lost in time. The piece enslaves the master and so to does the master to its creation. Both are graceless until they complete one another.
In that focus-- Alexa is personally and internally commanded to bring a face to its absolute saturation of potential.


It is not simply a "makeover"-- it is a creation and a true representation of the curves and natural elegance of each bare face she touches.


The Glam FactoryArtistic background

Alexa has been a “makeup artist” by trade for almost 10 years. The Glam Fairy company was simply a lightbulb moment written on a trapper keeper—

“I was finishing up college and although I was majoring in English I truly didn’t feel passionate about it. I liked to write—I even interned at Maxim Magazine and persuaded myself to believe that one day I would just start to love writing—enough to do it every day. But still I felt lost. The only time I felt no sense of confusion was while I was at the MAC counter doing makeovers. I worked at MAC for years and there was just something about watching a person look in the mirror when I finished their makeup—a rush—an ability to take a canvas and have it turn around and say thank you.

The ability to let someone into my world and show them what I saw the moment I met them—the ability of unleashing that beauty when they look in the mirror is my motivation with every face I transform.

The Glam Fairy Blog

That being said— my mom asked me “What is it that you are doing when you loose a sense of time?” (we were standing on the steps to the basement in my parents house.)

“Makeup” was my answer.

“Alexa use your height to your advantage (fairy) and what you love (glam)”

I rushed down the stairs to an old shelf with stack of notebooks from elementary school. I opened up a mothy old trapper with two puppies on the front, found a clean page, and wrote “Glam Fairy.”

Located in the heart of Hoboken NJ—The Glam Factory is where Alexa and her fairy squad can transform anyone into the startlet of the dreams.


There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists. One is something that is taught, something that is generic, something that is predictable. The other, the artist, is one rooted by their talent. Artists are not confined by clichés, format or figure. Their one and only law is to be a slave to passion and talent.

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