Workshop Overview

Our workshops cater to two categories of students

1. The "Glam-Me" Gal (The girl who wants to perfect her own makeup)
2. The "MUA" (Makeup Artist) looking to refine their artistry.

Glam-Me Workshop Overview

The Glam Factory

A series of workshops, all taught by Alexa Prisco (The Glam Fairy) herself, catered to those who love makeup and want to learn how to do it on themselves! Namely, a “Glam-Me” Gal!

Every Workshop is centralized around a specific look and theme, allowing students to take as many workshops as they want.   The overall educational process outlined below is the foundation of every Glam Me Workshop.  

To start the day, our “Glam Me’s!” are taken on an educational voyage. They will learn to see makeup in the same way an artist sees paint, ultimately increasing the usability of their own makeup. They will learn about the enormous impact bone structure and lighting has on their every day look.   They will learn how to integrate simple art tools to their overall approach towards makeup, allowing them mix and tailor their own products to suit their needs. And it goes without saying that a Glam-Me Workshop will leave students with a laundry list of the coveted Glammy approved “Must Haves!” To follow, Alexa & the class with gather around a round table filled with mirrors and makeup. The entire class will go step-by-step, Alexa first demonstrating a step on herself and then guiding the class as they recreate that very step on themselves. With the entire group working at the same pace, Alexa is able to help students perfect each step and understand the importance of placement and technique. Throughout this process, students have a “demo outline” where they are able to take notes about products and techniques as each part of the look is created. 

Upcoming Workshops

Who is this Workshop for?

This is the workshop for those who wish to Unleash their Inner Glamazon, but don’t quite have the techniques to do so!  You don't quite know how to use your brushes, you're unsure of which colors go together-- and you are dying to know how to do a Smokey Eye!

 What will we learn?

This workshop starts in an interactive classroom setting focused on building your overall understanding of makeup.  Through several hands on activities, students will learn how to identify the characteristics of any product—allowing them to make informed choices when either putting on or buying makeup!  We then move into “product talk” (a “show and tell” of sorts) where everyone gets to talk about their own personal “must haves” and the why behind them--it goes without saying that Alexa will be sharing her coveted list of “must haves”.  The education portion finishes with a few activities designed to build both an understanding of brushes and how to use them!

What kind of look will we do? 

The real fun is moving into the “Lab” portion of the day.  The students sit around a table filled with makeup and mirrors, learninga comprehensive Signature Smokey Eyed look.  This look is something we call a “Skeleton Look”—essentially a framework or springboard for endless variations of intensities and colors. This lab is taught via “step and repeat” instruction, where Alexa first demonstrates a step on herself and then guides students as they recreate that very step on themselves.  Students will be given a “demo outline” where they are able to write down the products and techniques for each step, ultimately providing them with an entire road map to recreate the look again and again.

Group Glam Classes

 What do I need to bring?

Other Details...

This Workshop is Four Hours from 1pm-5pm.

While we do strongly recommend that students work with their own makeup, we do have a loaner bar, giving the group access to certain products they might not have or want to try including a range of brushes.  These are all property of The Glam Factory and loaned only for the durations of the Workshop.  

Other Workshops

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