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cloning kim k.

sunday august 23rd 2015 


The most requested look I get from both students and clients is the infamous "Kim K" Look.  So, to quench an insatiable thirst for sky high cheekbones, untraceable contours, pouty lips, symmetrical liner, and endless lashes–we present a workshop dedicated to learning just how to "Clone Kim K." This gorgeous look captures all of the classic Kim K elements.  

This Workshop taught by yours truly, Alexa Prisco (The Glam Fairy) is catered to those who love makeup and want to learn how to do it on themselves!  Namely, a "Glam-Me" Gal!

To start the day, our “Glam Me’s!” are taken on an educational voyage.  They will learn about eyeshadows, foundations, brushes, and a range of techniques.  They will learn to see makeup in the same way an artist sees paint, ultimately increasing the usability of their own makeup. They will learn about the enormous impact bone structure and lighting has on their every day look.   They will learn how to integrate simple art tools to their overall approach towards makeup, allowing them mix and tailor their own products to suit their needs.  And it goes without saying that a Glam-Me Workshop will leave students with a laundry list of the coveted Glammy approved “Must Haves!”

To follow, Alexa & the class with gather around a round table filled with mirrors and makeup.  The entire class will go step-by-step, Alexa first demonstrating a step on herself and then guiding the class as they recreate that very step on themselves.  With the entire group working at the same pace, Alexa is able to help students perfect each step and understand the importance of placement and technique. 

 Throughout this process, students have a “demo outline” where they are able to take notes about products and techniques as each part of the look is created.

  • Contouring & Highlighting  

  • Pale Pouty Lips

  • penciling in eyebrows

  • eye-base

  • how to create a crease

  • making your lid pop

  • Brow Highlights

  • Brow Sealer

  • creating symmetrical, clean eyeliner

  • how to build up mascara

  • priming and over coating

  • choosing the perfect concealor

  • the Kim K "Triangle" concealor

  • Ben Nye Powder Highlight

  • Dewy Foundation

  • Perfectly Placed Blush

  • Setting Powder

  • Working with Pencils and Making the budge proof

  • Lining Lips                            


Simply click on the box below to secure your seat for our August 23rd Workshop "Cloning Kim K".  Your receipt will confirm your seat.  Following payment, you will receive confirmation details for the workshop.  In the event you cannot see the below box, head over to http://mkt.com/glam-fairy/cloning-kim-k or email us directly at intel@theglamfairy.com


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