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The Glam Academy (School of Makeup Artistry) has become notorious for its elaborate photo-shoots.  In most schools, students work on each other.  We personally see that not only as a huge waste of time, but truly inconsistent with reality.  In the real world, you "meet" your canvas just moments before you're doing makeup on it.  Additionally, you will find that doing a classmates makeup, doesn't simulate the demands of a client.  

We do everything in our capacity to train our students for the real world. And to simulate that environment, we bring in new models each day for the students to work on, which always follow with a photoshoot in line with both the look and the theme of that day. This allows the students to be fully cognitive of "composition", understanding that their artistic responsibility must go beyond the face.  As a result, we have an entire Photo Studio filled to the brim with wardrobe, jewels, and a menagerie of accessories-- allowing them to let their own composition shine through.  

By using new models daily, the students are challenged with a range of skin tones, types, and features.  This really broadens their artistic range and adaptability, and even more importantly, prevents them from being pigeon holed into the frequent "She's only good at ...." category.  
Alexa personally does each shoot, using equipment that you would find on the set of a magazine cover.   Alexa has learned an arsenal of information by being personally shot by world famous photographers such as Timothy White, Miranda Penn Turin, Karl Giant, and Many More.  Notorious for her ring flash (something that most people rent) the portfolio images are not simply "point and click"-- they are an opportunity for Alexa to capture the true creative nature of the student.  

Student Work

Quick Note:

All of the below images feature the work of our past students.  These images truly reveal the high level of detail and education working behind each stroke of their brush.  

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