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Course Levels and Formats 

Semester Structures:

The Glam Academy program has two Semester Structures.   

  • Our Standard Semester Structure is our original 40/90 hour program catered to those who want to grow as both an artist and entrepreneur.  Students can either take the Basic Course Level alone (40 hours) or do the full 90-hour Basic/Senior Course
  • Our new Micro Semester Structure is a 16/32 hour program catered to those who want to exclusively focus on makeup.  Students can either take the 16-hour Course Level "Part One" or take Part One & Two (32 hours). 

standard semester

course levels

Basic—40 hours

The basic course is well beyond “basic” and although it is seemingly short, the students leaved officially transformed.  Through a combination of artistic and business skill sets— this will leave both the student who knows nothing about makeup and the makeup artist looking to refine their skills feeling equally impacted.  In this portion of the program—we change the way people see makeup. It is through this now broken filter that the individual can see various techniques and tools as a skeleton and template to apply endless versions and combinations.

Basic and Senior—90 hours

The senior level is for students that have gone through all of the fundamentals’, but want to go the extra mile. This student truly wants to enhance their portfolio with images that show a wide range of work and their ability to cater to a variety of clients and needs.  With both basic and senior-- the student is given work well beyond their time at the program to build their artistry and business.  It is through these small collective steps that the student eventually has their own working business.  From technical skill building rooted in art theory, contouring through the natural laws of shadow and light, airbrushing, tattoo coverage... (the list is endless); we are confident that the student that applies themselves will leave this program with no leaf unturned and transformed themselves.

Standard Semester Schedule Formats

Our Standard Semester is offered in two Formats designed to cater to those near and far.  

Weekender Format: This is the original schedule format of The Glam Academy where classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays for five weeks in a row. 

Intensive Format: With so many students coming from out of state, we created this semester option to condense the hours as much as possible.  In this format, the program is over a two weeks span, Monday through Friday.

Micro Semester

Course Levels

This incredible new semester structure has been designed for those looking to focus on makeup exclusively.   We start with Glamology 101, an active learning environment that allows every student to understand makeup through a tactile experience.  The group will learn the most coveted "looks" through detailed demonstrations.  Following each demo is a Lab, where students are able to create a comprehensive look on a model.  These models then go into a photoshoot, providing our students with incredible images for their portfolio. 

Part One: 16 hours

Part One is two days.  The first day is spent on building an incredible understanding of makeup through an interactive classroom environment.  Students will do a range of activities and experiments with makeup that will allow them to attach an experience to each piece of information.  Day two will be a Skeleton Lab where students will first observe a demonstration of a complete look, which they will then recreate on a model.  From there, the student will be able to stylize the model for a photoshoot providing them with incredible images for their portfolio.  

Micro 2: Four Day 32 Hours

Part Two will provide students with two more incredible lab days.  Each day has an overall theme and look-- for day three and four we will be doing both a classic modernized bridal look and a more smokey glamazon look.  Each lab will start with a demonstration where students will be able to log each step of the process.  From there, students will then recreate that very look on their model.  

Upcoming 2017 Semesters






Brand New!

Basic: March 11, 12, 18, 19, 25

Senior: March 26 April 1, 2, 8, 9, 15



Basic: July 10-14

Senior: July 17-21




Basic: Sept 30 Oct 1, 7, 8, 14

Senior: Oct. 15, 21, 22, 28, 29 and Nov. 4th


Winter Micro


Part 1: Nov 27& 28

Part 2: Nov. 29th& 30

 To book your course simply email us directly at or please see our contact form.

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