Certification Process

Certification process

What its based on...

The Glam Academy is a program in which students are not only certified on artistic ability, but their collective understanding of what it takes to be an independent makeup artist in today’s society. The Glam Academy gives students the shortcuts and the keys to success. Through coursework and various homework assignments, photo shoots and activities, Alexa can gain a true understanding as to whether the student understands what it takes to truly exceed in the industry of makeup artistry.

“The only way I figured out what works as a business owner is by figuring out what definitely doesn’t work. I learned all of these things the hard way and over a period of 11 years. The Glam Academy is a place where I give the students my formula for success—my shortcuts. With this the student can fast forward to both a place and an overall understanding of how to run a business in a smart efficient way. And even better—they save themselves a decade!” Alexa Prisco

Artistic talent is not the only measure of The Glam Academy students. The Glam Academy will evaluate a student’s comprehensive understanding of all facets necessary to be a business owner, and the sensitive balance between entrepreneurism and artistry. The Glam Academy levels of certification are a reflection of that understanding.

After completing the Academy, the students present Alexa with a binder, which is carefully reviewed. This binder is a compilation of homework assignments, photo shoots, and creative, thought- provoking activities. The binder presentation is a way for Alexa and The Glam Academy instructors to evaluate the students on all of the criteria that Alexa believes are necessary for a makeup artist to pave their way independently. The binder is simply an overview of the students’ work and one of the many criteria on which we base the certification.

The Certification Level Has Been Selected Based On Following Overall Criteria:

  • Progression of Technique

  • Punctuality

  • Attentiveness in all environments

  • Applying the learned methodologies

  • Homework assignmentsCleaning your space and any other relevant areas

  • Sticking to the “look” or prescribed Lab activity

  • Team work/ leadership

  • Behavior in both Labs and Shoots (i.e., students being engaged during shoots)

  • The student’s binder

  • Any shoots the student has completed.

  • The students’ ability to demonstrate their understanding of all of the components necessary to be a makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

To Meet The Criteria Of Any Certification Level, The Student Must Complete ALL Of The Following:

  • All classes are attended.
  • Submission of all homework assignments.

  • Participation in activities and Labs during the Course.

  • All major projects outside of the Academy are completed.

  • A submitted binder.

  • TFP shoot is completed and submitted.

Note: In all of the above criteria, the most important quality is balance. A student can be extremely organized, efficient, and punctual, but may need to work on particular aspects of their artistry. On the other end, a student could be extremely talented and not apply themselves in any capacity for anything outside of the artistic requirements.

Every student is made aware of the criteria for certification throughout the Course.

The details and criteria for certification are discussed in detail below. The levels are generalized, and not every single criterion is applicable to each individual student.

Certification Levels

Tiers of Certification

What each level means

Platinum Wing Premiere Tier Certification Level

Platinum Wings—Premiere Tier Certification Level

This certification is rarely distributed and is reserved for the individual who has absorbed and applied all of the tools the Academy has to offer. This certification level is for the student that goes above and beyond to demonstrate their understanding of the multi-faceted nature of being an artist and an entrepreneur. This individual has met all the following criteria:

  • Completed all homework assignments

  • Understood that some assignments were not simply assignments, but devices to get the student on the radar. Therefore, they continued working on those projects regardless of administrative intervention.

  • Engaged in the classroom environment; paid attention constantly, took notes, asked meaningful questions. This student understood the value of the information given and therefore received this information with eagerness and enthusiasm.

  • In the Lab environment, this student was cognitive of time, their physical work space, working as a team, and went above and beyond to clean up and help in areas that weren’t necessarily their responsibility.

  • The student paid attention during the photo shoots and used the entire process as an indirect teaching tool.

  • This student was consistently an example for others - a natural leader.

  • This student NEVER presented Alexa with excuses for anything.

  • This student understood that certification was earned through exceptionally hard work and exemplary self-presentation.

Alexa feels that those with a Platinum Certification are in line with the way she runs her own business, and that they share the same entrepreneurial, driven spirit.

Those with Platinum wings demonstrated a true progression of both talent and entrepreneurship. This individual was extremely balanced and focused equally on artistic and administrative components.

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Gold Wings - Second Tier Certification Level

Gold Wings - Second Tier Certification Level

  • This student completed most if not all homework assignments.

  • This student continued working on most assignments in their free time, such as the blog and other social media outlets and presents a strong sense of entrepreneurship.

  • In the Lab environment, this student completed their work with a creative approach and made it uniquely theirs.

  • This student could have possibly underestimated the learning opportunity available to them simply by being engaged during the photo shoot process and how that engagement would develop them as an artist.

  • This student was engaged, engaging and efficient, and was helpful to the flow and organization of the Academy on more than one occasion.

  • This student was consistently punctual, with rare exception.

  • This student completed all of their hours.

  • This student rarely, if ever, presented Alexa with an excuse and primarily displayed consistent, professional and responsible behavior.

  • This student that would most likely continue to progress by working on all of the skill sets learned in the Academy.

  • This student could possibly have administrative and organizational qualities parallel to a student with Platinum wings, however, may need to be a bit stronger artistically. Conversely, this student could have artistic qualities parallel to a student with Platinum wings, but may need to work on administrative and organizational skills.

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Pink Wings Certification Level

Pink Wings - Third Tier Certification Level

  • This student completed all of their hours.

  • This student completed most homework assignments. All could have completed, but not on time and/or the assignment did not reach the potential of that student.

  • This student could have potentially viewed the assignments as isolated tasks rather than devices to develop both their artistry and business. With that, the assignments were finished when they were due and not continually developed—(i.e. blog, social networking, etc.).

  • This student most likely cleaned their respective area, but did not see how the cleaning would impact their speed and overall presentation as an artist.

  • This student participated in Labs, but did not go above and beyond in participation or engagement.

  • Artistically, this student progressed throughout their respective course, but needs to work on some area of their technique.

  • This student could be an incredibly talented artist but did not produce homework assignments, engage in the classroom environment, or develop as a business.

  • This student is possibly imbalanced; either highly artistic and needs work on administrative or entrepreneurial skills OR is extremely business-minded and needs to develop artistically.

  • This student could have missed the value of some component of their respective course by only focusing on those portions they personally deemed to have value.

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Wings are not distributed under the following circumstances:

  • Payments have not been completed.

  • Hours have not been completed.

  • One or more of the major requirements for certification was not submitted.

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