Platinum Wings

Premiere Tier Certification Level

Platinum Wings

This certification is rarely distributed and is reserved for the individual who has absorbed and applied all of the tools the Academy has to offer. This certification level is for the student that goes above and beyond to demonstrate their understanding of the multi-faceted nature of being an artist and an entrepreneur. This individual has met all the following criteria:

  • Completed all homework assignments

  • Understood that some assignments were not simply assignments, but devices to get the student on the radar. Therefore, they continued working on those projects regardless of administrative intervention.

  • Engaged in the classroom environment; paid attention constantly, took notes, asked meaningful questions. This student understood the value of the information given and therefore received this information with eagerness and enthusiasm.

  • In the Lab environment, this student was cognitive of time, their physical work space, working as a team, and went above and beyond to clean up and help in areas that weren’t necessarily their responsibility.

  • The student paid attention during the photo shoots and used the entire process as an indirect teaching tool.

  • This student was consistently an example for others - a natural leader.

  • This student NEVER presented Alexa with excuses for anything.

  • This student understood that certification was earned through exceptionally hard work and exemplary self-presentation.

Alexa feels that those with a Platinum Certification are in line with the way she runs her own business, and that they share the same entrepreneurial, driven spirit.

Those with Platinum wings demonstrated a true progression of both talent and entrepreneurship. This individual was extremely balanced and focused equally on artistic and administrative components.

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