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The Glam Fairy — Makeup Artist NJ (New Jersey)/ NY (New York) Professional MAC bridal makeup—airbrush makeup—quality –Jerseylicious – Style Network – Glam Fairy show

The Glam Fairy, Alexa Prisco, featured on both Style Network’s Jerseylicious and star of the Glam Fairy show, is simply not just a makeup artist. Specializing in bridal makeup, airbrush cosmetics, makeup education, photography, art, hairstyling, and the fundamental understanding of how these components fuse together make The Glam Fairy who and what she is.

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The Glam FairyAlexa and her squad of Glam Fairies are armored with all the tools of the trade for nearly any situation that requires a swish of her fairy wand. Whether it be a sexy boudoir photoshoot for your hubby who forgot just what a glamazon you are, a struggling makeup artist in dire need of a smokey eye to add to a service menu, a makeup junkie with all the brushes and no clue where to start, a bride that either wants to look more natural than a Neutragena commercial or sexier than an extra in a Van Halen video— The Glam Fairy is the one stop shop for all your needs.


The Glam Fairy BlogAfter expanding her business into many divisions such as Glamology, Glammypuss Photo, The Glam Fairy Academy, Bridal Makeup, etc. we now have an official Glam Fairy Headquarters to call our home, namely, The Glam Factory.

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Located in the heart of Hoboken NJ—The Glam Factory is where Alexa and her fairy squad can transform anyone into the startlet of the dreams.

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There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists. One is something that is taught, something that is generic, something that is predictable. The other, the artist, is one rooted by their talent. Artists are not confined by clichés, format or figure. Their one and only law is to be a slave to passion and talent.



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