Masters Program

Masters” is only available to those students who have completed the Senior program of The Glam Academy.“Masters” is only available to those students who have completed the Senior program of The Glam Academy. This program is based on “Mastering” the skill sets learned in The Glam Academy. The certification will reflect these extended hours, their corresponding title (I.E. “Masters: Artistic Development”) and your personal Certification Rank within the particular program.

The environment of Masters is extremely intimate, where all of the previous education is used a springboard for further refinement and perfection.  Each day there is a lab called "dissection perfection."  In these labs Alexa works on a model as well, guiding the students through each makeover step by step.  Alexa first demonstrates a step on her model and then the students repeat that very step on their own.  This entire process allow us to isolate every technique, product placement, and movement.  With this, Alexa is able to guide students through each respective piece of the composition, allowing them to perfect every detail of their process.  

This program is also dedicated to additional business development and brand refinement. Alexa has an extreme emphasis on "the process" where students need to truly understand their own progressive process for each client interaction.  By fleshing out every step, from the initial website contact to the "goodbye" at the event they are booked for-- the artist is able to prepare with reactions to every potential action they may encounter.  

With this program exclusive to existing graduates of The Glam Academy Senior Program, the class will most likely be a smaller group. With a more personalized and “individualized” approach, the student will present Alexa with their existing artistic challenges. In addition, we will review the student’s existing portfolio built in Basic and Senior in addition to homework assignments to determine what areas need true development. Using this as a springboard-- each lab will be an opportunity for the individual student to strengthen those skill sets that need perfecting. The labs and education with be determined by the needs of both the individual student and the cumulative needs of the group.



This Program is not offered as frequently as our Basic and Senior Program. Rather than creating set dates and times-- we tailor the schedule around those booking the course. Masters is currently offered two times a year. As it is exclusive to Senior graduates with a very intimate class size. That said we try to hold our Masters every other Semester in the month between. Once we have our booked student's availability we typically run the course over the span of a
month one day a week. This allows the student to develop the particular skill sets learned over a longer time period.



The below programs are complimentary to those booking the Masters: Advanced Artistry Program. Some of these programs offer the appropriate candidates to operate as paid independent contractors of The Glam Fairy L.L.C. and all of these programs require the student to operate as an extension of The Glam Academy. With a high focus on customer service, looks that exceed customer expectation, and techniques that instinctively are in line
with the demands of modern technology-- completion of all Masters: Advanced Artistry in addition to Basic & Senior is a pre-requisite to any field work involving hands on service to our clients at any level.


Field Work:

To be a social chameleon, possessing the ability to tonally adapt to your clients personality and environment is a skill set that can only be developed
through actual experience. Our Senior Program is designed to reduce the long road of trial and error any entrepreneur navigates with a curriculum rooted in a
pro-active, error margining skill sets. However the true understanding of WHY these processes exist can only happen when you actually experience them

In lieu of preparing the artist for their own clients at a comprehensive level, we offer field work as device to do nothing other than "get your feet wet."/

Models in the earlier labs of Basic and Senior are read the riot act and come in with a particular level of intimidation-- fully aware that their agenda is not relevant to the students activities. On the receiving end of services that they would normally pay a great deal for-- their
appreciation and humility (while refreshing) is not in line with behavior of a paying client.

To truly understand the dynamic of the expected "excitement" any event brings-- be it wedding, prom etc. is to actually experience it. While learning how valuable confirmation procedures are - i.e. clean face, teeth brushed, etc. understanding WHY through actual observation will retain much more value and as a result only streamline your own business.

Using your own range of services for a reference—you can either shadow or help (as much as the particular service allows) at those appointments that are similar to what you are personally offering as an artist.

For example: Tina would gain great experience observing one of my private lessons as that would give her inspiration and comfort in booking her own private lessons.


Titles of Field Work

Field Intern:

This would be an opportunity for the student to actually observe an on location service - helping Alexa and her artists directly. This would not involve anything outside of observation and those tasks that would help the artist's day run more smoothly (cleaning brushes, prepping faces, etc.)

Field Assistant:

The approved “field assistant” can work on bridesmaids, moms, etc. booking the “Assistant Package” (one of our on location wedding packages) for a wedding requiring on location makeup. We have clients booked for a variety of services over the next year.


Glam Academy Intern:

One of the most valuable tools in understanding just how much you have learned individually is through teaching. With The Glam Academy offered 4-5 times a year— the likely hood of one of the many dates meeting your availability is high. With a maximum of 2 Glam Academy Alumni per 10 students—you are able to sign up for various lab days for future Glam Academy’s as a “teacher’s assistant” where you are able to walk the Lab floor and help out the
students with technique, questions, methodologies etc.

Helping new students out with technical questions, wardrobe, the comprehensive nature of a look etc. will refresh your own technique and give you an incredible reward—refreshing your own confidence as an individual and as an artist. questions, wardrobe, the comprehensive nature of a look etc. will refresh your own technique and give you an incredible reward— refreshing your own confidence as an individual and as an artist.

Note: Those students signing up for and APPROVED for those Externship opportunities where they would be operating as an actual artist doing complete makeovers will be compensated for their work as an independent contractor. Please note that is nothing other than a device to prepare you for your own business and is NOT a promise of employment.

There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists. One is something that is taught, something that is generic, something that is predictable. The other, the artist, is one rooted by their talent. Artists are not confined by clichés, format or figure. Their one and only law is to be a slave to passion and talent.


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