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Whether you want to refine your makeup skills for when you go out with the girls—or you are an aspiring MUA that wants to learn every nook and cranny of the trade—The Glam Fairy offers a full range of classes for anyone in love with makeup!

After many years of exclusively being a “bridal makeup artist” Alexa realized that there are just as many people that want to be her side of the brush as people that want a makeover. 

With a true understanding of the art of makeup and the many other doors it can open— Alexa’s classes are the one stop shop for anyone that finds themselves shuffling through a pile of blush, bronzer and gloss more than the average girl.  And whether it be a business you want to open, or simply learning how to do lashes on yourself—the broad spectrum of classes we offer allows you to control exactly what you will learn and just how far you want to travel into the world of makeup artistry. 

All classes are offered at different levels of artistry, topic, time, and packages and are ranked into two categories

  • For Makeup Artists
  • For Glam-me’s (people that want to learn how to do makeup on themselves).

These classes are offered at the following levels of privacy to accommodate any person at any level or budget within the school of Glamology.

  • Private Lessons
  • Semi- Private Lesson’s
  • Group Classes (find more info in blog for upcoming group classes)

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