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TVJerselicious Alexa Prisco New Jersey Make Up Artist Glam FairyAlexa Prisco has recently entered a brand new avenue of the world of glitz and glamour. Hollywood perhaps? More like an on location Hollywood-capturing the essence of Jersey Style and bringing it to a flat screen near you! Yes that's right-the one and only Miss Glammy has entered the world of stardom and brings to you a very unique perspective of "The Glam Fairy" business-hence Jerseylicious!

Star of Jerseylicious - Alexa Prisco has completed season one. Entering season two slated to premiere in the Fall of 2010 - The Glam Fairy will have so many wonderful experiences to share with you! Maintaining the brand and integrity of the many years Miss Glammy has invested in her company was absolutely imperative when participating in this experience and as you can see-she makes absolutely sure her brand is being represented in both a positive and powerful light.

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Visit the Glam Fairy BlogJerseylicious is in a new category of television and though many of you refer to it as "reality" it is a new hybrid of programming known as a "docusoap."

Keeping this in mind-on the show Jerseylicious, Alexa is offered with a business proposition by The Gatspy Salon to utilize it as a satellite space for The Glam Fairy-testing out the market in Central Jersey. Over the course of Season one there is relationship building, character building, and an overall light frothy birds-eye view of what the beauty industry is like in Jersey. And I wouldn't be lying if it reveal's stereotypes that Alexa LOUDLY does not associate herself with.

"I am really looking forward to the direction of season two and I feel really blessed for all of the wonderful opportunities and avenues that this show has brought to me. And as much as many of you would love for me to do your makeup at the salon - The Glammies and I take all the consultations at Glammy Headquarter-so we can give you the true essence of The Glam Fairy experience. For all Glammy bookings call us DIRECTLY!" -- Alexa

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